Jason David Frank Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Jason David Frank?

Jason David Frank is an American actor and mixed martial artist born on September 4, 1973. Frank is best known for playing Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers series.

The Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, was portrayed by Frank. He acted in the 14 episodes, allotted for the season. He was brought back as the White Ranger and the new team leader due to the popularity of the character.

Before being called back to Power Rangers, Frank was meant to play the lead role of Adam Steele in VR Troopers (formerly known as “Cybertron”). He shot a pilot episode for the show. Frank and Brad Hawkins claim that the initial plan for Hawkins’ character on Power Rangers was to take the place of Tommy Oliver as the White Ranger.

Frank was reinstated, with Tommy Oliver taking over the White Ranger role due to Tommy Oliver’s popularity among Ranger fans. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers changed their name to Power Rangers Zeo after three seasons. The shift is a component of the annual Ranger suit change to coincide with the Super Sentai series’ annual update.

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Frank’s persona evolved into the Red Zeo Ranger (also called Zeo Ranger V). His character became the first Red Turbo Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo the following year. Frank and his co-stars Johnny Yong Bosch, Nakia Burrise, and Catherine Sutherland were replaced as they decided to leave the cast in the middle of the season

After leaving the show in 1997, Frank returned to Power Rangers in 2002 as the Red Zeo Ranger for the special 10th-anniversary episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, “Forever Red,” which brought back ten former Red Rangers and brought him back together with Austin St.John.

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Jason then played the Black Dino Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2004. Frank always appeared as the Black Dino Ranger while wearing long sleeves to hide his arm tattoos. This also applied to “Forever Red” of “Wild Force.”

For Douglas Sloan, playing the Black Dino Ranger was a favor. He has jokingly remarked that while Saban and Disney are “both the same, they’re cheap,” he was thrilled with the Dino Thunder production team.

In the season finale of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Frank returned as Tommy Oliver, who served as the episode’s Green Ranger.

Frank has expressed interest in creating either a single Green Ranger series. Alongside fellow Power Rangers actor Amy Jo Johnson, Frank appeared in the 2017 movie Power Rangers as a resident of Angel Grove.

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For the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, he played Tommy again in episode 10 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018. Frank disclosed his retirement from the franchise in 2022.

The Super Power Beatdown in Bat in the Sun. On “Super Power Beatdown” on November 7, 2013, Frank appeared as the White Ranger battling Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

On May 5, 2015, he made a second appearance as the Green Ranger on “Super Power Beatdown” and engaged in combat with Ryu from Street Fighter. Bat in the Sun started creating a web-based reality show following the popularity of the “Super Power Beatdown” series. Bat in the Sun started producing Frank’s web reality series, “My Morphing Life.” Season 2 of the program premiered in 2015.

Jason David Frank Net Worth

Jason David Frank has an estimated Net Worth of $1.2 million. He was an American actor.

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