Israel DMW Shares Cryptic Quote on the Impact of Beauty and Character in Marriage

Davido’s side, Israel DMW causes a buzz online as he shares a cryptic quote on how beauty without character ruins marriage, following his clash with his estranged wife, Sheila.

He took to his Instagram page to share a controversial quote which opined that a lot of ladies’ beauty sent them into marriages.

However, their character, which isn’t as good as their beauty, is sending them back to their fathers’ house.

The quote read:

“Beauty has sent a lott Of girls to marriage.. But character Is busy, ‘ Returning them back, to their fathers house..”

Read Netizens’ reactions to this:

mavisha_1 said: “Wow!!! So your own character has kept 4, you married?mtcheww”

_abutholibb said: “Your wife made the best decision fr”

ladyq_crochet said: “Till the day some of these men start 4, realizing character goes both ways, that’s when most marriages will last in good health…you all expect so much from a woman in marriage but never checking yourselves if you are reciprocating what you preach… everyday woman this and that”

mr_horlic said: “coming from who dey shout my oga oga for person weh him senior”

adelakuntufayl said: “Before you take the message, take your time to look at the messenger!”

irishsommiel said: “Dear humans,

Never give yOur heart to people that need brain..”

_miss.myca said: “Coming from someone who has none out of the two”

jisolah_ said: “You get good character na im you dey insult your mother in law and father in law online, the girl on the other hand has never insulted your people, work on your character too”

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