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Isla Bryson is a 31 year old Scottish transgender woman from Clydebank, Dunbartonshire who was convicted in January 2023 for the rape of two men.

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Isla Bryson Wiki

Full name Isla Bryson
Nationality Scottish
Date of birth 1990
Age 31 years old
Wife Single

Isla Bryson

The rapist is Isla Bryson. In a nutshell. Other words are powerless to soften the impact or alter the reality. After raping two innocent women, Bryson has now been arrested thanks to years of significant development in the case. She is nothing more than a beast dressed as a man.

Transgender woman Isla Bryson was born in Clydebank, Dunbartonshire. Although our staff was unable to determine her exact birthdate, we did learn that she is 31 years old. The entire case lacks any information on her parents, siblings, or even any of her friends. Her parents’ identities and current locations are unknown.

It wasn’t always a girl, Bryson. Adam Graham was his name, and he was born a boy. Yet, throughout the trial, he stated in court that he is a transsexual since he was four years old. But, she didn’t make the decision to begin the transition until she was 29 years old. Isla further asserted that, at the time of her trial, she was undergoing hormone medication and considering surgery to complete her gender transformation.

Isla Bryson Age

How old is Isla Bryson? Isla Bryson is 31 years old. She was born in Clydebank, Dunbartonshire.

Isla Bryson Height

How tall is Isla Bryson? Isla Bryson height is not known.

Isla Bryson Parents

Who are the parent of Isla Bryson? Isla Bryson parents are not known.

Isla Bryson Career

Everything began in the year 2016. Back then, Bryson went by the name Adam and had met the two victims online. Between 2016 and 2019, Bryson committed the rapes in the Glasgow and Clydebank area while posing as Graham after meeting his victims online. After being detained, she later appeared in court as Graham. But, she believed it was the ideal time to begin receiving gender transition therapy before going to trial.

During a six-day trial, the High Court of Justice in Glasgow found Bryson guilty of the rapes on January 24, 2023. At the time of her conviction, she was supposedly the first transgender woman to be convicted guilty of rape in Scotland. Bryson was informed by the judge that she would be given a lengthy prison term. She was detained at HM Prison Cornton Vale, Scotland’s only female penitentiary.

When it was proposed that Isla serve her term in a women’s prison, a political controversy and concerns for the safety of the other prisoners emerged. According to the authorities, housing a rapist in a prison for women is inequitable. The head of Rape Crisis Scotland took an active part in the conversation as well. Additionally, the dangerous rapist shouldn’t be housed in a women’s jail, according to the Shadow Home Secretary.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak contrasted the situation to that of England and Wales, where “transgender women must go through a full risk assessment which factors in their offending history and anatomy before they can be sent to a women’s jail.”


Chaos broke out everywhere as soon as it became known that Isla Bryson was being held in a prison for women. Hence, it was agreed that Bryson would be transferred out of the women’s prison after much debate and discussion. Isla Bryson had recently been transferred to the Cornton Vale jail. On Thursday, it was announced that Bryson would not spend any time—short or long—in a women’s prison.

The officials added that it is very evident that what Bryson did and is doing is a charade and manufactured drama. This rapist didn’t realize he was no longer a guy until after she was accused of rape. The government officials also alleged that she harmed the innocent woman with his penis, which she claims, she no longer has. Isla will serve her prison sentence in Scotland with male convicts, according to officials.

Isla has been jailed for eight years for two counts of rape of two women in Clydebank and Glasgow in 2016 and 2019 while he was called Adams Graham.

Isla Bryson Husband

Is Isla Bryson married? No, Isla Bryson is not married and there is no information about his relationship.

Isla Bryson Children

Does Isla Bryson have any child? No, there is no information about the children of Isla Bryson.

Isla Bryson Net Worth

Isla Bryson net worth is yet to be reviewed.


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