Is TapSwap Legit: Crypto Expert & Technical Review

Is Tapswap Legit? Tapswap has recently gained significant attention in the cryptocurrency community and is trending across various platforms. People of all ages and genders could be seen tapping on their phones in pursuit of making financial gains.

The app’s sudden popularity has sparked nationwide amazement since some users allegedly “cashed out” from the space. Viral videos have also shown people obsessively tapping on their phones.

As a novel digital currency project, Tapswap combines gamification with token accumulation elements, primarily engaging users through a Telegram-based bot, reaching a milestone of 20 million players.

Tapswap coin mining is the series of activities users engage in to be eligible to earn tokens, which they can, in turn, exchange for Tapswap tokens on the Solana blockchain.

The mining process involves engaging with the Tapswap Telegram bot by tapping on its interface repeatedly while accumulating a score point that ranks users based on their number of taps.

It is an engaging and unique form of crypto mining that does not involve complicated or expensive hardware and technical knowledge.

How Does TapSwap Work?

Users earn Tapswap tokens by completing various tasks, often related to engaging with the platform’s community. This includes activities such as joining Telegram groups, participating in chats, and following specific instructions from the Tapswap bot. Each completed task rewards users with a certain number of tokens​.

Tapswap has a referral program where users can earn additional tokens by inviting others to join and participate in the platform. When a referred user actively engages and accumulates tokens, the referrer receives a portion. This incentivises users to expand the Tapswap community by bringing in new participants.

While Tapswap tokens are currently being accumulated, there is anticipation of a potential future token launch or listing. Users hope the tokens they have earned will hold value in the broader cryptocurrency market once the project officially launches its token pool, like Notcoin.

The objective is to collect as many coins as possible and exchange them for Taps tokens on the Solana blockchain. We spoke to an active tapper, Muhammed Hashim, to find out if he got paid and what his financial gains were, and he explained that the website has not started paying. He explained that Tapswap requires you to complete tasks and referrals to the site. The taps are then accumulated to a certain amount to be sold on the Solana blockchain.

We also spoke to Adeiza Sanni, who explained that he started by getting a referral link that directed him to Telegram. Here, he was asked to perform different tasks to get coins, one of which is tapping, and the other is linking a crypto wallet on Solana.

“You have to accumulate several Tapswap coins to get Solana coins, which are tradeable on cryptocurrency platforms,” he noted.

For those intrigued by Tapswap, staying informed, researching, and approaching it with a balanced perspective on its potential risks and rewards is essential.

Is Tapswap Legit?

We ran the website link on Scam Adviser to see its authenticity and trust score. Scamadviser is an automated algorithm that checks whether a website is legitimate and safe (or not).

The review of was based on analysing 40 facts found online in public sources. The sources used were if the website was listed on phishing and spam sites, if it serves malware, the country the company is based in, the reviews found on other sites, and many other facts.

However, when we checked the website’s negative highlights, we saw that the identity of the website’s owner is hidden on WHOIS (a query used to check ownership of a website)

The website owner’s identity has been hidden. This may be done for a valid reason, such as spammers using this information to email website owners. Unfortunately, it also makes identification of the owner difficult.

The rate or what you can earn from the Tapswap bot is quite low. It is currently pegged at 500 Max by default. An upgrade is compulsory if you want to earn more. Additionally, the time you have to wait to recuperate makes the whole thing tiring, especially if you use auto-clicker software.

There is no information about their development team. Tapswap may seem perfect, but they didn’t mention their development team anywhere, which makes the project’s legitimacy kind of doubtful.

Technical Review

Scam Adviser identified the use of iframes or other technologies to show content and functionality located on another web server. This does not happen often, and if it does, it often does not happen for good reasons.

They also identified an SSL certificate, meaning that the data shared between your browser and the website is encrypted and cannot be read by others. SSL certificates are always used by legitimate and safe websites. Unfortunately, scammers increasingly also use SSL certificates, so you are not guaranteed to visit a reliable website.

The project appears to focus on a gamified approach to cryptocurrency accumulation, primarily through activities on Telegram. While this could be legitimate, the lack of detailed information about the development team and future plans raises concerns.​

Despite these red flags, some users report positive experiences, indicating that Tapswap might have the potential to deliver on its promises, though its future remains uncertain.

Tapswap on X posted that they had detected repeated malicious against the site. “Dear TapSwappers,

Today, we detected repeated malicious actions against TapSwap, so we added anti-DDoS protection. When you enter the app 🤖, you may need to complete verification.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will turn off this protection once we adapt our infrastructure to handle such attacks. We appreciate your understanding,” the post wrote.

Expert Review

We spoke to Forex expert Benjamin Ajah. He explained that while the Tapswap might be authentic, people should be sceptical about the site. He also expressed fear since the owner’s identity is unknown.

Mr Ajah expressed fear because he could not find it on CoinMarketCap (a community where all cryptocurrencies are listed), which is a red flag to him. He also mentioned that it might be accurate and valuable when it is on the market value list.

There is also a good chance that scammers might ride on the trend, so people should be careful when giving sensitive and valuable information.

In Conclusion,

While Tapswap is rapidly gaining traction and could offer intriguing opportunities for early adopters, it is essential to remain cautious. The anonymity of its developers and the low trust scores reported by various review platforms should not be overlooked.

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