Is it Genuine Love or Infatuation ? (Top 5 Ways to Know)

Is it Genuine Love or Infatuation ? (Top 5 Ways to Know)

You just got into a new relationship . The relationship, you know, was an offshoot of the valentine’s day and the many funfairs that characterized the month of February.

And for a time now, you have been having lovely dreams about the new person that just walked into your life. Even your mind was on cloud nine in the world of fantasy.

In fact, you were beginning to call the lovely dreams and visions you have had about the person love. You didn’t even consider that the love you claimed to have for this person was an infatuation. Perhaps, you have forgotten that there is a thin line between infatuation and love and if you are not careful you can call infatuation love.

But, I don’t want you to make that assumption about love. I have carefully outlined five important things to notice whether the love you claim is an infatuation or whether it is genuine love.

You will notice where your partner has room for growth
Infatuation is characterized by perfection. You see your partner as a person without an Achilles’ heel and you will begin with an ideal person. Yet, real love means you don’t put your partner on a height than too high for them. You should recognize their shortcoming and let them know where they could improve.

You don’t get jealous easily
In infatuation, jealousy will weaken your resolve. You will become overprotective especially when you have spent and be spent perhaps on the relationship. But with love, there is a sense of security. You don’t panic no matter how subtle it may be when your partner is talking to someone else or needs time alone

You prioritize yourself when you make decisions

A partner who loves you will support you in pursuing exciting opportunities. If you love them, you won’t feel guilty for putting yourself first every once in a while.

You don’t resent them

Unrealistic expectations come with infatuation. In infatuation, when your partner let you down, you tend to pretend that it didn’t happen and you eventually begin to resent them. In loving relationships, you don’t bottle up your feelings to create cycles of resentment.

You happily make time for other people in your life

With infatuation, you tend to own your partner. When you are infatuated with your partner, any other part of your life feels like a distraction from the time you could be spending with them. Being in love with your partner isn’t the same thing as being obsessed with them. You aren’t consumed by the idea of being with your partner twenty-four hours in seven days and instead are excited about making plans with friends and family.

You don’t feel like you have to rush

For instance, when you meet someone that appears perfect, you have the tendency to fantasy a future with them. You most likely will disregard the process that strong relationship should take, and sometimes, you disregard the feelings of the other person. A strong relationship doesn’t rely on rushing into the next phase of the relationship but rather enjoying the present moment.

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