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Is Dozy Mmobuosi Igbo? [FACTS CHECK]

Tribe: Dozy Mmobuosi is a technology entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of Tingo, Inc., Africa’s top Agri-Fintech company and Tingo International Holdings, Inc. (TIH), an investment firm focused on finding and making strategic acquisitions in the technology sector.

He is 43 years as of 2023. Dozy is on the verge of acquiring the English football club, Sheffield United.

Is Igbo?

Yes, Dozy Mmobuosi is from Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

Dozy cofounded Tingo with his father in 2001, and he has worked vehemently to build the organization to be one of the top Agri-Fintech companies in Africa.

He created Nwassa in 2019, which became Africa’s premier agricultural technology and digital platform.

Nwassa aims to support farmers by providing access to weather forecasts, information on payment systems, market prices and conditions, and connections to other relevant service providers. With the partnership between Nwassa and Tingopay, the two companies have collectively registered 14.7 million farmers and agri-businesses.

Dozy is credited with creating the first SMS Banking Solution in Nigeria, which was known as “Flashmecash.” This solution was later acquired by First City Monument Bank, according to information reported by Examinerlive.

He also made the Internet and smartphones more accessible to the local population by setting up two mobile phone assembly facilities in the country.

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