Is Burna Boy Yoruba or Igbo ? What ethnicity is Burna Boy (FACTS CHECK)

Damini Ogulu better known by his stage name Burna Boy, is a Nigerian regge-dancehall singer and songwriter. He hails from Mbiama in Ahoda West Local Government area in Rivers State. When he hit the Nigerian music scene with his first two singles, he captivated everyone with his unique blend of Nigerian hip hop, reggae and highlife. Though the three genres are worlds apart, Burna Boy is able to pull it off and win millions of fans in the process.

Burna Boy Biography

Is Burna Boy Yoruba or Igbo

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu born on 2 July 1991, known professionally as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter rapper, and dancer. He is one of the biggest and most successful African artists.has been a huge force in the success of her son’s career. The music star has definitely had a remarkable career bagging lots of awards both local and international.

Burna Boy might be Africa’s biggest music star, but when he speaks, it’s hard to place exactly where he’s from. … That shows in the music,” he says, referring to the fact that he sings in a mix of Yoruba, Igbo and pidgin English.

Damini Ogulu AKA Burna Boy is a record label executive, Burna Boy was born in Port Harcourt city, Nigeria.

Many factors gave Burna Boy the push to rise to where he now sits in the Nigerian music industry today. According to some sources, he drew his earliest inspiration and the love for music from his grandfather, who had a direct connection with Fela. This may offer a good explanation for the afrobeat flavor of his music. More than that, he has a special spot for the Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, whom he reckons with deference as his greatest inspiration and perhaps his father in music and even has the music legend’s tattoo.

In 2021, he won the award for Best World Music Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Burna Boy Mother, Tribe, State of Origin

Burna Boy mother state of origin

Bose Ogulu is the mother of Nigerian singer Burna Boy who is also his manager. Bose Ogulu is popularly known as Mama Burna in music circles. Bose Ogulu is married to Burna Boy’s father Samuel Ogulu and they have three children Damini, Ronami, and Nissi Ogulu. Bose Ogulu is the daughter of music writer and Fela Kuti’s first band manager Benson Idonije.

Benson Idonije, Burna Boy mother’s father was born in Otuo, with his family house at ighera, one of the twelve quarters of Otuo, a town in Owan East local government area of Edo State, Nigeria.

Bose Ogulu is fluent in English, French, German, Italian, and Yoruba. She then ran a language school called Language Bridges, where she organized cultural immersion trips for over 1,800 young people. In addition, she taught French for a decade at the University of Education in Port Harcourt, retiring in 2018.

Bose Ogulu is the founder & CEO of Spaceship Collective, the holding company to Spaceship Records (an entertainment label) and Spaceship Publishing (a publishing outfit).

Is Burna Boy Yoruba or Igbo

Is Burna Boy Yoruba or Igbo

Back to question that has been asked many times since Burna became a renowned person is Where is Burna Boy from? Is Burna Boy Yoruba or Igbo?

Given that Burna Boy’s middle name is in Yoruba, there are speculations from some quarters that the singer is of Yoruba ethnic group.

But, is Burna Boy Yoruba?

Well, if you count one’s ethnicity as patriarchal bestowed as we are wont to do in Nigeria, then, strictly speaking, Burna Boy is not Yoruba. He might have some Yoruba blood in his veins but we are not certain on that score.

Burna Boy’s patriarchal lineage seems rooted in the South-South – Rivers State. However, his lineage from his maternal side may include some Yoruba blood. We know that his maternal grandfather, the renowned music critic Benson Idonije, is from Edo State but we don’t know who his maternal grandmother is/was. She may/might have been Yoruba as it’s customary in Nigeria to give ethnic names to one’s children. Bose is a Yoruba name, and it’s conceivable that her mother is/was Yoruba. So, to that extent, Burna Boy has some claims to Yoruba ethnicity.

It should be noted that this is only an educated opinion and not strictly fact. We don’t know for certain as neither Burna Boy nor any of his family members had thought it necessary to clear the speculations, perhaps in keeping with Burna Boy’s vision of uniting Africans.

However, Burna Boy early years were spent in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. However, when it was time to go to secondary school he was moved to near Lagos. During this time, he frequently spent a lot of time with his grandfather, Benson Idonije, and it is reported that it was from this period that he developed a love for music. Burna Boy would later leave Lagos for his higher education in London, UK.

So conclusion, Burna Boy is Igbo by tribe.


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