Irritating Boyfriend Habits – 10 Tips to Deal with Them

Once again, your boyfriend annoys you. There are 10 more effective things to do, rather than lashing out at him and gaining some wrinkles.

You’ve got a boyfriend, and that’s great. But there may be times when he does things that just come under your skin, and your first instinct is to beat him down. Curb the first instinct, because it could make things worse!

Perhaps you love your partner, and you don’t want to break up with him, but you do want some help in learning how to ride out those irritating times. What irritating habits am I talking about? It can be anything from him leaving his dirty socks around to failing to take out the trash for the third time this week to just picking random fights out of nowhere. Guys just do annoying things, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and take it!

How to deal with your boyfriend’s annoying habits

If you’ve gone through every single strategy you can come up with, here are 10 more that might help you to finally get him to quit being so damn irritating!

#1 Get up and take a walk. If you start getting into a fight with your man, you may find that taking a walk can help you replenish your peace of mind. Something about getting out in the fresh air and getting your body moving can really help to shake off the negativity.

Exercise releases endorphins, which can help improve your mood. It can also allow you take the focus off the source of your problems. This can be enough to help you clear your head and plan a better solution to whatever problem you and your man are facing.

#2 Don’t stoop to his level. In these pesky situations, your boyfriend or husband may intentionally try to get you into an argument with him, so he can vent his frustrations at you, and try to make you feel like you are partly to blame for his problems. It’s understandable, as misery does love company.

But keep in mind if you take the bait, you’re no better than him, as you’re just riding on the same wave of frustration, and this gets you nowhere closer to a solution. In this case, take advice #1 and get out of there! You can come back when he is calmer. Then he might be more reasonable and less childish.

#3 Take deep breaths. You may be surprised at how effective this can be, when it comes to remaining calm during stressful situations. Taking deep breaths gives you something to do instead of just replying instinctively to your man with fire in your voice. Take about three deep breaths, let it soothe your nerves a little and then respond to him in the calmest way you can. You’ll find that if one of you is calm, the other follows suit.

#4 Listen to music. Music has a mood altering effect, and it can also be a great stress reliever. Putting your headphones on and just blasting a song you love can be a fantastic way to get out the frustration that you are feeling from your husband. Try to avoid anything too loud, as this may get you riled up for a fight. Something light, happy and upbeat should be the perfect tune to help you lessen your aggravation.

#5 Talk about your problems with your friends. Friends who have gone through the same ordeal as you may be the ones to help you out. They may have some valuable insights and techniques for dealing with the behaviors your guy is displaying.

In addition to this, even if your friends haven’t been in the same situation, having friends who are willing to listen can be enough to help soothe the tension. You may even find the humor in your situation, thanks to your friends!

#6 You can remind your boyfriend what you are worth. If he isn’t treating you right, it may be a great time to wear something sexy the next time you go out. Doing this can do one of two things.

One, as men tend to be visually oriented, he may realize just how hot his girlfriend is and how badly he’s been treating you. If that doesn’t work, then your sexy outfit might just attract the attention of other guys. This can then make your guy jealous, and he may realize that there are other men out there who might try to take you away. He may then mend his ways and start treating you right.

#7 Don’t give him attention if he is behaving badly, but reward him when he’s being good. Ever heard of positive reinforcement? This means giving him a reward for every time your guy does something good. For instance, despite him always forgetting to do the chores, reward him with a massage when he does remember.

Conversely, don’t give him positive attention when he’s being a complete jerk. You may think that cooking him a nice meal or buying him a six-pack when he’s being an a-hole will make him stop and be nice, but it will actually just encourage him to be even more of an a-hole since you’re still rewarding him!

Instead, just ignore him when he’s acting out, and he’s bound to quit, because he doesn’t get the attention he wants.

#8 Give him the chance to speak his mind. Sometimes, this can be really helpful. Your boyfriend may be taking his stress out on you or just being irritating in other ways, because he is going through a tough time and hasn’t had the chance to speak about it properly.

Instead of lashing out right at him, ask him outright if something is wrong. He may not open up immediately, but if you have a comforting and calm tone, this might encourage him to finally speak up about what’s really bothering him.

#9 Do something distracting. If he’s being annoying because things aren’t going well at work or because his favorite sports team lost again, a little distraction may be the key to keep him out of his sour mood and off your back.

Go see a movie, have a great dinner or go have a couple of drinks together. Sometimes, all a guy needs is to simmer down, so he’ll quit being so bothered by an issue. As his girlfriend, you may be the one to lead him to a more fun activity that will get his mind off the problem.

#10 Spend more time apart. If your boyfriend is extra moody, it may just be because he needs a little space for himself. If you think this is the case, maybe wait an extra day before you go back to his apartment. Or maybe, you should have a few more girls’ nights with your friends, instead of going on too many dates with him.

You may not notice it at first, but when a guy provokes you, it may sometimes mean that he wants you to back off for a bit. Give him the space, and spare yourself the irritation of hanging around when his mood swings take a turn for the worse. When he’s had enough space, he just might miss you enough to realize that he was being a jerk for pushing you away.

If you can prevent the situation from escalating, then you can save yourself a lot of grief in the long run. There are lots of ways to deal with your guy’s annoying habits, so try these 10 tips out, and see which ones work best for you.

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