International Kissing Day: 7 Crazy Facts You Need To Know About Kissing

Turns out, there's a lot to a kiss more than what meets the eye (or the lips) and we're here to tell you exactly what you need to know before you dive into a kiss with bae
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Kissing has always been a way of showing love and affection and symbolizes a special bond between two people. It is a culmination of the rush of emotions we get when something or someone absolutely overwhelms us. When we think of kissing, we think of our first smooch or the person we love, but there are plenty of weird and fascinating facts about kissing that might surprise and interest you.

But, did you know kissing has a lot to it than just a passionate moment between a couple? Turns out, there’s a lot to a kiss more than what meets the eye (or the lips) and we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to know before you dive into a kiss with bae.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Kissing

1. Decreases Stress Levels

Spike in stress levels has a negative effect on your health. Since kissing releases endorphins, one can figuratively say that you can now kiss your stress away.

2. Burns Calories

Kissing enhances your metabolic rate, thus; triggering your body to burn calories. The longer the kiss the more calories you lose. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us!

3. Makes Your Skin Glow

Kissing someone increases blood flow to your face, working a number of facial muscles in the process A lot of facial muscles are involved when kissing which can help keep your cheeks tight and in perfect pucker shape. Think facelift here.


4. Your Kissing Style Is As Old As You

When you kiss a partner, do you tilt your head to the left or right? As it turns out, you may not be making that decision consciously. Most researchers say that it is a preference that likely originates in the womb.

5. It’s Good For The Teeth

Strange, but true! The more you kiss, the more saliva is produced which acts as a protective shield on the teeth and prevents the formation of plaque and bacteria.

6. There’s A Career In Kissing

Before you go around kissing people thinking it can get you some bucks, there is in fact a profession in studying the science of kissing popularly known as philematology. It involves studying the significance of a kiss in various cultures and how they’re different from place to place.

7. There’s Fear Of Kissing Too

The fear of kissing is a real thing. Officially known as philemaphobia, the fear of kissing is common, though it can be severe at any age.

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