An Oyo State High sitting in ibadan has directed the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc (), to pay the sum N2,000,000 as damages to one of its customers, Mr. Ekun Lateef Ayinde, for violating the guiding rules of electricity by issuing arbitrary estimated billings to him.

According to Newspeakonline, Justice Ezekiel Oyeyemi Ajayi held that IBDEC wrongly issued an estimated billing of N7,000 to the claimant in December 2016, and also disconnected electricity supply to his apartment without any justifiable cause.

” A declaration is granted that the defendant negligently issued an estimated billing on the claimants for the month of December, 2016 stating a wrong account number and thereby causing the claimant to pay the sum of N7,000.00 (seven thousand naira) into a wrong account and the defendant has refused to refund the said sum.

“A declaration is granted that the defendant wrongfully and arbitrarily disconnected the electric power connection of the claimant’s apartment and carted away the connecting cables without any justifiable cause.

“An order is granted directing the defendant to pay the sum of N7,000(seven thousand naira) to claimant into Account no. 11/20/33/1483-01 wrongfully supplied as the claimant’s account number by the defendant.

“An order is granted directing the defendant to restore the claimant’s apartment with electric power by reconnect the carted-away cables.

“An order is granted directing the defendant to provide claimant’s apartment with a pre-paid meter upon the reconnection of the claimant’ s apartment. ” the judge said.

The judge, however, refused to grant the claimant’s request for the defendant to bear the cost of litigation.

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