“I’m Not Satisfied With Police Investigation on Mohbad’s Death” – Joseph Aloba

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Mohbad, an Afrobeat singer, expressed his dissatisfaction with the police investigations.

In an exclusive interview with Trust TV on Wednesday, Joseph made this claim and urged the government to step up its investigation to see justice done.

On September 12, 2023, Mohbad passed away. The next day, he was buried. Azeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley, the proprietor of Marlian Records, his previous record label, and a few other people, including Sam Larry, were accused of being involved in his demise.

However, the head of Marlian Records cleared himself of any misconduct in a statement posted on his Instagram account. Sam Larry denied any involvement as well.

Speaking to Trust TV on Wednesday, Mohbad’s father expressed dissatisfaction over the police investigation.

“I am not satisfied with the police investigation. A lot of things have been said outside which are not right. When I carried Mohbad’s body to the police station, I expected that they would follow me to search his house or give me the police (autopsy) report which they had not given me. Those are the areas I am not satisfied with,” he said.

The father stated that he wanted the investigation to be thorough, urging the police to invite people who were living with Mohbad.

“They should ask them questions. Through searching their phones, they would know what killed Mohbad. A lot of people were living with him. So I am not satisfied with the investigation.

“We are still looking for justice….Delay can result in denial. I am begging the government to put more effort so that things can go on fine as people expect,” he added.

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