I’ll Show This To Daddy – Moment Lady Catches Her Boyfriend In Bed With Her Mother

A Nigerian lady nabbed her boyfriend and her mother having a nice time in the bedroom and it left her totally heartbroken.

In a video she recorded, she could be heard lamenting while peeping at them through a small opening in the door.

After sometime she entered the room and confronted the two of them but her mother cautioned her to stop recording.

She felt betrayed that her mum had advised her to leave the man only for her to end up sleeping with him.

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The boyfriend immediately started dressing when the girl caught them and he tried to defend himself by saying that they already broke up.

The heartbroken girl said she will show the footage to her father and his family as well as her mother’s family.

The young man charged at her that she should leave or he will beat her up but she insisted on accosting them and venting her spleen.

Watch the video below:

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