If You Like No Do Yahoo, You No Go Get One – Young Boy Says As Be Shows Off Luxurious Cars In Garage (Video)

A young Nigerian boy has set tongues wagging online after he tacitly urged youths to get involved in cyber fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo.

He shared a video of a highbrow estate with expensive vehicles in the car park and stated that if people decided not to do fraud, they wouldn’t be able to get any of them.

The guy stressed that that is the guaranteed way for young people to get Benz and other type of exotic cars.

According to him, if his listeners decided to visit a native doctor for blood money or become pastors, there is no way they would get those cars.

Watch the video below:

oyewale_richie4; Like this now he don cast that apartment 😂

danidel_ariinze; I.T pays…web developers earn well…why would you do yahoo and be hiding when you can go into I.T & within 2 years you’d be earning well with peace of mind too 🤔

deejay_bc; Now you don Dey on wanted list of the eagle eye because say you wan trend….

sherleyofficialll; I won’t steal before I live my luxury life, I won’t make other people cry before I use Exotic cars. My business will flourish and I will be blessed with good man and beautiful children inshallah Rahmo

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