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‘I Masturbate With A New Scx Toy Every Day’; 34-Year-Old Woman Reveals

A reveals she uses different toy every day – and then posts about her experiences on Instagram for cash.

Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, Australia is raking it in from her sponsored posts – but says it’s all about empowering other women not to feel “pain or shame” when it comes to sex.

The 34-year-old web editor told Mamamia: “Where most top beauty and fashion bloggers get paid serious cash in exchange for plugging a new lipstick or jumpsuit, I make a very comfortable living talking about sex toys on my feed.”

Despite getting whisked half way across the world to stay in five-star hotel for free, and admitting her “bank account balance and adult toy collection have never looked healthier”, Nadia insists money isn’t her main motivation.

With studies repeatedly pointing to a large orgasm gap between men and women, and one suggesting a huge 30 per cent of ladies felt pain the last time they had sex, Nadia says she wants to educate other women.

She explained: “Almost one third of the time women are having sex, they’re in pain. “And yet, it seems like we’d rather gouge out our own eyeballs with ice picks than dedicate a single hour to acknowledging female sexual pleasure out loud.

“Say what you will about my unusual job title, but when I upload a sex toy review on my Instagram feed, I’m doing it because I want the shame and the pain to stop.

“Because I want to live in a world where women aren’t uncomfortable looking at and touching their own bodies, and sex isn’t a service we provide for our partners.

Nadia says her 23,700 Instagram followers prove there’s an appetite, maybe even a need, for this type of advice.

There are some drawbacks to the job, including creepy comments and a lack of cupboard space in her small flat for her growing sex toy collection.

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