“I Don Confirm Am” – Carter Efe’s Real Age Causes Buzz Online

Nigerians have been reacting massively after popular comedian, Carter Efe’s real age was shared online.

The drama started after the popular content creator and singer, Carter Efe surprised his audience with an unnecessary outburst when he discovered that he was supposed to share the stage with Berri Tiga.

Refusing to perform, he cited past online trolling from Berri Tiga as the reason for his refusal, questioning why someone who had quarreled with him online would want to befriend him offline.

Carter Efe’s words on stage: “Them say I give person 5%, the useless boy come backstage, e say e wan follow me perform. You dey follow me dey quarrel online but you wan follow me do friendship offline. Where dem for dey do am? If e easy make e get another number 1 song. E dey craze well well, God punish Berri Tiga.”

Netizens were quick to comment, suggesting that his reaction reflected his true age due to its immaturity. They said his childish outburst has made his age so much believable.

Recall that Carter Efe had set tongues wagging earlier this year when he insisted his real age was 22 while adding proof to back his claim.

@nohpheesat reacted: “Now I believe he’s not lying about his age.”

@chappychase said: “Truly this boy na 22yrs old. I don confirm am.”

@saint12392 reacted: “Normally u no go blame Efe his acting his age, normal 22yrs old boi go talk so too.”

@phoenixthe1st reacted: “He didn’t lie about his age sha. These boys need to grow up.”

@msquaredizz_ reacted: “So childish.”

@donbabazino4256 said: “Small boy mentality.”

@_laura_baby_ said: “Now I know he’s not lying about his age.”

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