“I am a one woman kind of guy” Adekunle Gold speaks about relationship with wife

Award-winning singer, Adekunle Gold has opened up on his marriage to colleague, Simi.

In an interview with Famouz TV, Adekunle Gold expressed how blessed he is to be married to a woman who understands his career.

Noting how their marriage is still early, he disclosed that he is still learning every day to prioritize life, family, and more.

According to him, whenever he is on a work trip, he still ensures he checks up on them and knows their schedule.

He disclosed that he knows when they are up and makes sure he follows through.

Whenever he is at home, he gives his wife and daughter his full attention though the lovebirds could do a little bit of work.

“It’s crazy, I mean, I’m still in the early stage, yea. But I’m learning every day to prioritize, like, family more. You know and when it’s time to work, we work, right?

Like I’m on a work trip now but I don’t feel to check in all the time. You know, I know when they will be up. So, I make sure I follow through and all of that, and then, when we are home it’s strictly at home.

Maybe work a little bit alongside. It’s been interesting and I’m blessed that I’m married to somebody that understands it. You know, if was married to somebody that doesn’t just understand the life of a singer”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Adekunle Gold revealed the concept behind his song, ‘One Woman’.

Adekunle Gold disclosed that he is a one-woman kind of guy.

He also admitted that he is a shameless lover and believes that there are only a few of his type in the world.

“You know, I just wanted to talk about how I am one woman type of guy and shameless lover man just wanted to talk.

And I feel like there are still a few of us left in the world.

So yea, let’s celebrate each other kind of”.

Simi blasts Burna Boy’s fans for labeling her husband, Adekunle Gold a ‘copycat’

Just days back, his wife, Simi had addressed Burna Boy’s fans for degrading her husband.

Fans of the Odogwu singer had noticed how Adekunle Gold was always wearing similar outfits to Burna Boy and also imitating his style, pose, and patterns.

A fan of the singer had questioned if Adekunle Gold can’t be himself as his constant imitation of Burna Boy was getting annoying.

He pointed out how this has been going on for a while now, hence why he is speaking out.

Defending her husband, Simi mentioned how people who have good things going on in their lives never do things like that.

She stated that anyone who comes on the internet to talk nonsense about people, who are minding their business, is sad.

“People that have good things going on in their lives never do shit like this.

And that’s facts for everyone. When you come on the internet talking nonsense about anyone minding their damn business, your life is most likely sad and you’re distracting yourself. So it’s you. I’m sorry for”.

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