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‘I Acting made me Broke, Thats Why I have to Pose Nvde to Make money’ – Jessica Larny

Ghanaian model and actress, Jessica Larny who was bashed for going unclad all they time, while speaking wiyth Showbiz has revealed why dumped acting for posing nudes on the gram.

And according to her, Been an actress brought nothing to her, than brokenness, so Nude became the only option.

She said:
“See, the truth is that actors in Ghana are not being paid well. They take us for granted and those who will pay you will even delay the payment.

“How do they expect us to feed? You work and you virtually have to beg to be paid money that is due you, I mean how?

“Ever since I came out to talk about the boudoir shoots and posted pictures on my social media handles, people have come out to insult and call me all kinds of names.

“Those who cannot get to me personally, send me messages in my inbox saying all kinds of things to me but I do not care.

“I need to fend for myself and my family so instead of selling my body to do that, I engage in something that I have passion for.

“If going half-naked or doing these shoots will put food on my table which it does anyway, I will do it, it is also a job”

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