How To Revive a Dying Relationship

Just as there are visible signs of passion in a relationship, there are also signs that a relationship is on the verge of dying. All relationships have their ups and downs and there are times when the need to leave everything and forget all you shared might come up but it is not that easy because your partner was once a part of your happiness.

Remember always that the strongest relationships also face challenges and if your response is positive and hopeful after you have thought about what you want; here are some ways to revive a dying and give each other a second chance.

1. Send a Love Confession Message

You can send a love confession message to your partner, reminding him or her of how much they mean to you. Everyone loves to get a compliment every once in a while or all the time – this validation can go a long way to make your partner seen, safe and hopeful in a dying relationship.

There is something so beautiful about confessing your love for your partner and being genuinely open about the way you feel. There are no laid down rules or formulas which will show you a clear path to happily ever after – you just need to have faith and hold on.

2. Making Compromises

A is all about two imperfect beings from different family backgrounds coming together to find happiness. This automatically means that disagreements and arguments are always bound to happen.

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As it is all about giving and taking, you have got to start accommodating your significant other’s choices and making yourself happy too. To revive a dying relationship, you will need to do some things like rescheduling, working out some temporal agreements, and agreeing to disagree.

3. Go On Dates

Some people think that it is only when a relationship is new or when you are trying to make huge impressions are the only times to go on dates.

Reviving a dying relationship requires a lot of effort from both parties. Try to make your relationship more exciting by going on picnics, adventures, vacations, dinner dates at new places and also gifting each other small things.

4. Try Communicating

One of the important things that a relationship needs to survive is communication, frequent ones. There is no need to bottle up feelings and make them hang around the home like a storm cloud. Let out the steam, frustration and ill feeling that you have stored within and that has caused so many misunderstandings.

Discussing and settling your differences at this point is a way to revive your relationship and sort out a lot of issues in the past.

5. Bring Out Time For Your Relationship

If you have been the kind of partner who always forgets important occasions or never has time to spend with your partner, now might be a good idea to retrace your steps.

Concentrating more on your relationship and not putting all your energy into your career life, even when you can help it, will help to nurture your relationship. You can do this by coming back early from work, not going to social gatherings alone, spending quality time together, e. t. c.

6. Improve On Your Sex Life

Sex is one of the things that bring couples closer to each other. Being less intimate will only bring about fallouts and maybe cheating.

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Try to talk to your partner about the things that make you happy and how you would want to be handled while making out. Learn each other’s weak spots, preferred positions and love languages. I know you might not feel up to it especially if you always have a very tiring day – just sit your partner down and then work things out.

Doing this is one of the ways you can bring back the vigour in your dying relationship as lack of enough intimacy leads to frustration.

7. Be In Control Of Your Emotions

Wild emotions are some of the factors that can kill chances of solving problems. Being at the stage of trying to revive your relationship shows that it’s fragile and a little negative vibe is all that is needed to break the delicate thread holding the relationship together.

It is not easy but you can control these emotions like anger, jealousy (extreme), frustration and others. However, don’t try to suppress them, allow yourself to feel them, control them and not the other around. This should help you to find a common ground and save your dying relationship.

8. Write Your Thoughts Down

We all have different and more suitable ways of expressing our thoughts, some have problems with expressing theirs face-to-face when trying to revive their dying relationship. This could be a result of being scared of how affected you might be by their words or if they will break down and then don’t get the words right.

Doing this will help you to make meaning of your feelings and be a good way of also extending a good apology. You can give this writing to your partner or keep it to yourself – whichever suits you.

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9. Make Memories

To revive your dying relationship, you can discover and create new memories that will remind you of the good old days – have fun by leaving behind everything that hurts and live your lives to the fullest.

It is always easy to focus on negative experiences when issues arise but you can minimize this by having something that makes you remember moments of joy and connectedness. Find reasons to celebrate, create traditions, make videos and pictures – take each day as if it is your last on Earth by taking up any chances you can to lift your partner.

10. Never Stop Being Curious About Your Partner

At the start of your relationship, you were curious about your partner – you were so interested in what they were doing and thinking at all times. Being curious about your partner’s activities is part of the ways of rekindling a relationship.

It has to do with asking questions and listening attentively to their work talks, life goals and likely changes they might be experiencing. Also, do not jump to conclusions without allowing your partner to explain things.


Reviving a dying relationship is not easy – it takes time, patience and effort to sustain a healthy relationship. Know that you can deeply connect with your partner if you can set your mind to it by developing a relationship growth mindset.

Also, make sure that you are not the only one committed to making the relationship work – if you are, then trying to reconcile may not work. Cheers! And may we all have a happy ever after.

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