How To Know Whether Jamb Or School Has Offered You Admission

How Do I know whether Jamb or School has given me admission for 2019/2020 Session? This is the question so many aspirants have been asking me since I wrote an article on when Jamb will start given admission for 2019.

Back in the days, we wait for Jamb to upload admission list to their portal or for schools to announce the release of admission list. Then we proceed expressly to check our school and Jamb admission status and they choose which admission to accept in cases of multiple admission .

Everything has changed in the way Jamb gives admission. Even the method of checking Jamb results has been upgraded.

In 2017, Jamb introduced central admission processing system (caps) . You may want to read more about that by clicking here. Jamb caps is beyond the scope of this topic. I will just tell you how you can detect whether Jamb or school has offered you admission.

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IF admitted , Jamb will notify you via jamb caps portal to either accept or reject the admission. You can click here now to check your admission status in jamb caps portal.

Immediately you accept the admission, Jamb will forward your name to the school where you applied to study.

You may be wondering, how do I accept Jamb admission? It is as easy as replying the admission status message sent to you. See exact way to accept your admission by clicking here .

Interesting right? But it has the bad part. You cannot gain double admission in 2019. Your admission door will be closed immediately you accept one admission. That is to say, if you are offered admission in both your University and Polytechnic of choice, immediately you accept the polytechnic admission, bye bye to University.

As to how to check admission status in your school, all you need to do is visit your school official website for list of admitted candidates. If there is a special way to check admission status for your school, I shall post it along with your school’s admission list news here at

With the few points above, hope I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that you will know immediately Jamb gives you admission. Thanks!

Note: Ensure your email and phone number are functional. Do not forget the login details to your Jamb profile. Also, you are free to ask me any question using the comment box.

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