How To Keep Things Interesting In A Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship can be pretty difficult. In fact, you simply cannot compare it to dating someone you get to see on a daily or weekly basis.

Long distance requires a different set of rules. Most of them crash because the couples simply go into it without ironing out those little kinks that ensure they last.

Know the duration

The plan is not to be apart forever, right? Have a duration in mind – a year, two, three, until someone moves or get a new job? Having an end in sight is always encouraging on those days when all you want to do is quit.

Communication is non-negotiable

If you’re not connecting, you’re killing your relationship. Daily communication is important. You should not just gist about each other’s days but also about the relationship. Yes, there will be times you feel like giving up. Perhaps you had a bad day or just missed him terribly. Talking about it and reconnecting help you through these times.

Pay each other regular visits

Don’t let several months go by without seeing each other. A physical connection is important in a long distance relationship. 5 minutes in each other’s presence can be what you need to reignite the passion and boost your feelings for one another.

Read/watch the same things

You can both pop in a movie at the same time of day or read the same books. This gives you something new to talk about and helps maintain that closeness.

Don’t let jealousy win

Being in a long distance relationship can make you feel jealous or insecure from time to time. This is understandable. But allowing it to ruin your relationship is a bad idea. You need complete trust to make this work and the key to achieving that is openness and communication. If you feel insecure about something, talk about it and deal with it.

Check in on future plans

From time to time, check in with your partner that you both have the same plans for the future. Ensure you’re both up to speed on when the long distance thing will come to an end and what you will both do afterward.

Long distance relationship can work but only if both partners are committed.

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