How To Get Loan From Polaris Bank 2024 | How To Apply For Loan

Polaris bank does not stop with the amazing financial services that it offers to its customers it has now introduced the bank loan which enables different individuals and businesses to get loans from the bank.

Polaris  Bank loans Products;

Salary advance

The salary advance loan helps you get up to 70% of your monthly salary in advance. This helps to relieve the burden of some people who get stuck midway in the month and this is true because at that particular time monthly expenses would have taken most money.
here are some of the features and requirements needed to get this loan;

  • You need some little documentation.
  • No collateral required
  • It takes just 24 hours to get your loan.
  • You have to be employed in either a private or public company.
  • You need to have a salary account with polaris bank.
  • You must meet up with the requirements.

How to apply for Polaris bank loan

  • Go to Polaris branch near you.
  • Get a form
  • Fill and submit the form.
  • The loan processing time is 48 hours.
  • If you don’t want to be going through this process is you can easily call your account manager or customer service on phone to help you gain access.

Personal loan

This is also another type of loan you can easily get from Polaris bank aside the salary advance loan. This loan helps individuals achieve their personal needs and wants.

There are some features and requirements needed to get this loan;

  • You have the maximum loan amount of N5 million
  • the repayment date range for this kind of loan is thirty-six months.
  • No collateral needed.
  • repayment of the loan would be from your salary account.
  • You will also have to meet the requirements of the bank.

SME loans

Polaris bank is now involved in giving loans for small and medium scale enterprises (SME). Just like I earlier pointed out the different types of loans which include structured finance, auto loans, and others. if there is any specific loan you want to go for then what you should do is to reach out to the customer service they will put you through the process.

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