How To Decode Your Partner’s Love Language

One of the major causes of conflicts in relationships and marriages is the lack of understanding of the love language of the two lovers involved.

You can’t know another person’s love language if you have not discovered yours.

Love language means how a person perceives or feel loved. This further means what attracts a person to another person, what a person does that make you love them.

There are five major love languages that are very common and they are:

· Words of Affirmation: a person that has this type of love language will always want to be reassured through the words of the mouth that his or her partner is still in love with him/her.

For example, the person may always ask questions like: Do you still love me? Or say something like Tell me you love me, regularly.

· Acts of Service: a person with this type of love language is attracted to a person that is always helping others or doing something good for another person always.

You will find out that this kind of person will appreciate you a lot when you do some things like helping someone cross the road.

· Gifts: those with this type of love language should not be misunderstood to be greedy as they do not desire that you get them expensive things but such a person may get more attracted to you when you get him/her little things or you create surprises once in a while.

Doing those little things just show that person that you have him/her in mind. For example, you can just tell your wife I saw this thing while coming from work and I thought you will need it.

· Quality Time: a person with this type of love language is not hard to know because he or she just want to spend time with the lover, whether physically or not. They may not do anything together but the person just wants to be in the company of his/her lover.

· Physical Touch: a person with this type of love language needs to be well understood because the physical touch does not mean touching in sensitive areas but that the person may just love to be held by the hand.

If you have this kind of partner, you will notice that he or she just love to hold your hand most times or even to lean on you.

Understanding your partner’s love language among other things help to avoid a lot of issues that may cause separation in marriage. So, you need to focus on finding out what that secret key of your lover is.

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