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Don’t know how to check account balance on Glo? This guide will help you do that. Also, you’ll learn how to check your bonus account balance, since is fond of dishing out bonuses all the time; and sometimes people don’t even know they have bonuses.

One of my elderly relatives keeps getting bonuses and allowing them expire without using them; because sometimes he didn’t even realize he had them.

Another thing is if you can’t check what you have left, you may not really know how to manage it.

How to check account balance on

  • Dial #124# and wait till you get a message telling you to press 1.
  • Enter 1 in the command prompt and click on send.
  • This should automatically display the available balance you have left.

Alternatively, dial #124*1# to reveal your account balance without having to enter any other command.

How to check bonus account balance on Glo

The generic code for checking bonus airtime balance on Glo is #122#. However, the prepaid or postpaid tariff plan you’re currently subscribed to may not display the bonuses you have even if you dial #122#

Here are the codes for checking bonuses on different Glo tariffs:

  • Glo Yakata customers need to dial *220*1# to see their bonuses.
  • Glo Jumbo: dial #122*23#
  • Glo Campus booster bonuses: #122*10#
  • Glo Bumpa package: #122*2#
  • Glo welcome back bonus: dial #122*34# to check locked welcome back bonuses; and #122*35 to check unlocked bonuses.

In the case of data, we already covered that in our previous publication. It is usually *127*0#.

We have covered almost all the tariffs we know of that have varying way to check what you have on your account balance. If there’s anyone we left untouched you can let us know using the comment section of this post below.

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