How To Calculate Federal Polytechnic Ede Post-utme Aggregate Score

In order to calculate your Federal Poly Ede post-utme aggregate score, the formula adopted by the institution is the sum of your UTME score divided by 8 and your post utme score divided by 2.

For instance:
If you scored 290 in UTME and went on to score 70 in POST UTME, your aggregate score will be calculated thus:

UTME Score = 290/8 =36.25
Post UTME Score = 70/2 =35
Aggregate Score =36.25 + 35 =71.25%

Don’t get confused, it can be understood that the post utme questions is 40. You might want to ask, how then is it possible for me to score 70 in post utme.

This is the simple magic Federal Poly Ede performs; whatever you score in post utme over 40 will be rounded up to 100, that is it will rounded up to percentage.

Let’s say for example you score 20/40. It will be the same as 20/40 multiply by(*) 100/1 which is equal to 50/100.

What ever is gotten over 100 is what will be divided by 2 to get your final post utme score before combining to get the aggregate as described above.

Your aggregate score will be measured against the cut off mark of your chosen course.

The cut off marks (FEDERAL POLY EDE aggregate scores) for all courses will be published weeks after the post utme exams.

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