How To Buy IDEX Crypto Online (Reliable Exchange)

Wondering how and where to buy the IDEX token online? Well, you are in the right place. All you have to do is to find a reliable exchange, open a trading account, and deposit funds (either fiat or crypto depending on the allowed form) to purchase the amount of IDEX (IDEX) you want.

How To Buy IDEX Cryptocurrency

According to our team of professionals, here are some of the best platforms where are you can buy IDEX online:

1. Coin Kong Trader

Coin Kong facilitates rapid buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Robust security, transparent fee charges and excellent customer support make this a great option for newcomers.

2. Safemoon Trader

Safemoon Trader is a trading software offering users a wide range of cryptocurrency coins including SAFEMOON, DOGE and Bitcoin.

Is IDEX Safe ?

IDEX uses a number of protocols designed to maximize security on the platform, and any private keys accessed directly on the exchange are encrypted and stored in browser memory and cannot be accessed from outside of the IDEX app. In addition, private keys are only accessed locally to sign transactions and when users sign out; their private keys are destroyed from memory.

In addition, the exchange’s smart contracts keep funds safely locked until the private key signs a transaction to transfer them. Users can therefore keep their funds on the exchange without worrying as funds are held in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and are always under the user’s control. IDEX cannot process any transactions without users signing permission in order for IDEX to complete them. The team has also included an “escape hatch” that allows users to withdraw directly from the smart contract after a set period of inactivity. As a result, even if the IDEX servers were to become unavailable users can still withdraw their funds.

The platform also incorporates Metamask and the Ledger Nano hardware wallet, and this adds a key additional layer of security as both methods allow users to trade on IDEX without having to reveal their private keys. With any cryptocurrency website, there is always the possibility of a domain name service provider being compromised, or of the URL being hijacked. However, as there is no requirement to manually enter your private keys the threat of being compromised is greatly diminished.


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