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How To Apply For Provincial Nominee Program: Immigrate To Canada

How To Apply For Provincial Nominee Program: This program is for workers who have their interests in skills, education and work experience and are ready and willing to contribute to the economy of a particular province or territory and desire to live in the province and also want to become permanent residents o the nation, Canada. Each province and territory has its own batch of streams.

The immigration program targets certain groups and of which has requirements. For every stream, province or program, the target is always on students, business people, skilled workers and semi-skilled workers who have what it takes to improve the economy of the nation.

Application process

The application process depends on the particular Provincial Nominee Program stream one is applying to. The two major processes of application is through the paper-based process, or through the online process also known as the Express Entry. As part of the application process, the applicants will have to pass a medical exam and also get a police check, it comes in certificate format. Anyone who desires to apply must have these checks done, not minding the part of he wishes to live in.

Paper-based process

In the paper-based process, You have to apply through the province or the territory in question for the nomination under the non-Express Entry stream/batch. Every province has its requirements that must be met, you must pass the eligibility test of the province that nominated you.

Immediately you are nominated, you will have to submit a written paper application for permanent residence to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in Canada. You will have to pass the medical exam and obtain a police check which is in certificate form. It is compulsory for everyone no matter where plan to live in Canada. This application processing period lasts longer than through the Express Entry.

Express Entry process

In this online Express Entry process, there are 2 specific ways to apply which includes, to contact the province or territory involved, then applying for the nomination under the Express Entry stream/batch. Peradventure the province or territory likely agrees to nominate you, you will have to create the Express Entry profile. You can update your profile if you have one already to prove you have been nominated.

Secondly, you can choose to create an Express Entry profile and present it to the provinces or territories you must have shown your interest in.

If any province or territory sends you any “notification of interest” to your personal account, do well to contact them directly and immediately. You will have to apply through their Expres stream/batch.

If you are eventually nominated, the province will have to offer it to you through your personal account, and you need to accept it electronically as well.

In either of the cases, You just need to meet their eligibility requirements that is for the province or territory. Likewise, You will definitely need to submit the Express Entry profile and be able to show that you are able to meet the minimum criteria for the Express Entry, which includes being eligible for any of the immigration programs it will cover. If you have been invited to apply, you have to submit an electronic application to the IRCC.

Select a province or territory

For you to be nominated by any province or territory, you just need to follow the instructions and requirements on their official website and also contact them directly through any of these: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. It is worthy of note that the criteria by each province and territory vary in every sense and can change without giving notice.


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