How Old is Jinx and Vi in Arcane Today: Bio, Age, Parents, Sister, Net Worth

How Old is in Arcane Today: Bio, Age, Parents, Sister, Net Worth – Arcane is an animated series about a world at war over power, technology, magic, and independence. Jinx and Vi are sisters who lost all but fought against all odds to be together. Many of the series' best relationships are ones that are incredibly intimate and feature smaller-scale stories. It is believed that Vi is 14-16 years old during the first act of Arcane and is 20-23 years old during the second and third act. Jinx is said to be 12 years old in the first act of Arcane and is expected to be 17-19 years old in the second and third acts.

Who is Jinx and Vi in Arcane romance?

Vi is Powder's fiercest defender, even as their other adoptive siblings mock her and call her a jinx. But when Powder mistakenly kills the rest of their family in an effort to save them, Vi lashes out and calls her a jinx, too, sealing Powder's fate and her eventual transformation into Jinx. The contentious relationship between Vi and Jinx is something that has captivated League players for years, and Arcane finally delivers on all the tragic backstory that players have long wondered about. As children, Vi and Powder are all each other has following their parents' murders.

The sisters spend much of their lives separated after this point, and their emotional reunion provides a catalyst for the season's final, painful act. Jinx has always wondered whether Vi could still love her after she changed, but as she points out, Vi has changed too. They might always be sisters, but their relationship will never be what it once was – and viewers will eagerly watch to see what becomes of it, no matter what.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane Romance Age, Height and Weight

Information about their real age is unknown.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane romance Nationality and Ethnicity

Their nationality is unknown but they are from the district of Zaun otherwise known as the City of Iron and Glass. Ethnicity is unavailable too.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane Romance Career

What is their profession? Both Jinx and Vi were crminals. Vi on the other hand became a cop and a bad one at that because she was an ex-convict.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane romance Relationship

Are they both married? Jinx and Vi are not married. The two shared a really strong bond as sisters up until the end of Arcane.

Jinx and Vi in Arcane Romance Children

Do they both have kids? Jinx and Vi had no children. After the death of their parents, they both only had each other.

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