How Long It Takes JAMB Change of Institution/Course to Reflect ?

How Long It Takes JAMB Change of Institution/Course to Reflect (Update)

This post will help you find answers to a series of questions being asked by students who had recently done JAMB change of institutions and courses but yet to reflect or appear on the portal of the schools proposed. You will understand how long it takes for the change to reflect in your JAMB profile, your new schools and the processes involved before the change can be effected.

There’s the need to address this because I’d recently received these questions…

  1. Change of institution not reflecting
  2. When will JAMB change of institution reflect
  3. JAMB change of course not reflecting
  4. How to confirm my change of institution
  5. Why is the change of course institution not reflecting
  6. I applied for JAMB change of course and institution, but it has not yet reflected

… and below is the explanation to guide you out of this mess.

Why Change of Institution or Course is not Reflecting

If you’ve done the alternation recently on the JAMB portal but when you visited your school portal to continue with post UTME registration you’re receiving an error that your information is not on the portal or in the school’s database, this could mean:

  1. JAMB has not sent your details to the school yet.

Usually, JAMB will wait for enough students to do changes before they send the new list to the concerned universities, polytechnics or colleges of education. They do these couple of times before the school’s post UTME ends.

2. The school has not uploaded or updated your information received from JAMB on their database.

Schools might have got your information from JAMB, but it usually takes a few days for the ICT to get all uploaded for the candidates to continue with their registrations on the school portal.

How long Will it take the Changes to Reflect on the School’s Portal ?

It can take as long as 24 hours or couples of days. Going by the explanation above, you should rest assured that sooner or later your information will definitely reflect. A school that will not allow change of institution again will definitely inform you while on JAMB portal ” This institution is no longer accepting new candidates”.

Hence, if you’re able to do the change of institution or course on JAMB portal, it means the schools concerned has agreed to accept the changes in the first place, and will definitely update her database for that new changes.

And to answer your question, it usually takes a few days, weeks or month depending on how much time the school has to end her registration.

Change of institution or courses made on JAMB portal reflects immediately on the JAMB portal but may take awhile before it reflects on the concerned school portal.

A school that has couples of days to end her post UTME application, will be quick to update the portal within a few days of your changes. A school may take enough time if she has weeks to the end of the exercise. This will allow them to upload at once – those who had changed to them in the past few weeks.

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