How Layi Turned His Grandfather’s Suits and Shoes into Comedy Gold

Popular comedian Isaac Olayiwola a.k.a, Layi Wasabi, speaks about how his grandfather handed down his old suits and shoes to him, which he now uses to make skits.

The skit maker known for portraying ‘The Law’ fictional character in his comedy series made this known while being featured in a recent interview.

He revealed that the oversized suits that he uses for his skits belonged to his grandfather who handed them down to him.

Layi revealed that he has about five more which he all found while he was ransacking his grandfather’s wardrobe.

He noted that suits are all older than him, however, the shoes are more relatively new, about 20 years old.

“Funny how the suits are normally wear to play ‘The Law’ belonged to my grandfather. He handed it over to me and the suits are older than me. As you are looking at that suits I have about five more. I have five of different colors. It was just me ransacking his wardrobe seeing old things and he was like “Have it, have it” even the shoe, but I think the shoe is a little bit more recent,” he said in part.

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@Axel_0x asked: “How tall is his grandpa ?😭😭😭”

@Uchennaobele1 stated: “Omo I laugh even for interview”

@OlugbengaOla10 remarked: “Legendary suit”

@ree_rehanat commented: “Leyi my gee”

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