How Do I Express My Feelings? By Reporter 

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Well, it a freestyle something but I know this will ease your emotional distress .

A man may never be able to express his feelings for you. He will say a lot of rubbish, something that can’t come in order in his head. A man may never be able to express himself when you want him to.

What do you want him to talk about?

How your eye sparkle so well the first day he met you or how you wear a lot of faces, different faces every day he sees you? I mean, your beauty changes, it spreads to make one feeling like a sweet song on December. Do you want him to talk about how your eye alone makes his heart beat faster and how afraid he is to look at your eyeball and tell you how he feels each time you lay your hand on his shoulder and bend to kiss him? How your lips tastes.

Which of the memory of your face do you want him to talk about?

Do you want him to talk about the first day he met you or the day you allowed him to talk to you under the tree; how he studied your smile, soft, calm, euphoric… how your mouth goes round and your lips placed on each other like a sliced orange resting on the other? Do you want him to talk about the way he tried to hold your hand,willing to feel his heart flump gently, because he loves you?

Or you want him to talk about evenings, nights and mornings he spends listening to your call records?Times he listens with his earpiece and laughs at his jokes, your expression each time he talks, or the way he finds fault in his grammar while you react as of it is nothing, there was no mistake? Do you want him to talk about the times he wish to listen to the songs you love because it reminds him of you?
Do you want him to talk about the times he just want to be with you, nobody else. Just you. And how he feels nothing but you?

What exactly do you want him to express?

How he loves you? How he wants to hear you speak even when it’s impossible, just how your voice sounds; Soft, clear, humorous,… How everything stupid you said make sense to him because he was only concerned about your lips, how they go fast and slow when you talk. About your pitch, your intonation, how you control them, how you fake a Georgian accent just to make him smile when he looks so bad like a hungry monkey, especially when he broods. And how your dimple unveils itself when you smile, when you do not want to talk.

Do you want him to bring all the letters he added to his spam because he feel those words are not enough to express his love? He may have written hundreds of letters which he keeps throwing into his dustbin like a writer.

A man that loves you may never be able to express himself. He will tell you something today and feel he needs to add more tomorrow because he’s never satisfied with what he says(said).

What is the meaning of this stupid Rant?

A man may never be able to express his love once, he’ll tell you how he feel everyday and they may be different. Love isn’t expressed only with the lips, nor the action. It is also expressed by words unspoken. After all, love may be needed to be expressed everyday.

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WRITTEN BY: Adejayan Oluwagbenga Reporter

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