How Did Mick Goodrick Die? American Jazz Guitarist Cause of Death Revealed

One of the truly remarkable souls, a true legend of modern jazz guitar, an amazing musician, a lovable teacher, author, clinician respected Jazz Guitarist Mr.Mick Goodrick passed away.

Following the passing of Mick Goodrick, friends, family, and the entire community is mourning his loss. Every budding jazz guitarist ought to have a deep grasp of Mick Goodrick. Let’s see what happened to him and Mick Goodrick cause of death in detail.

What Happened to Mick Goodrick?

Along with Wolfgang Muthspiel, Lionel Loueke, Nir Felder, Lage Lund, and Julian Lage, he has mentored and inspired a remarkable number of well-known guitarists. Simply, without him, guitar music today wouldn’t sound the same. Goodrick has been a leading figure in jazz education for fifty years, teaching tens of thousands of students, including the author.

On their official Facebook accounts, the majority of his endearing students shared the news of his passing.

One of the statements reads,

Farewell, master jazz guitarist and educator Mick Goodrick; the guitar department at Berklee College of the music posted this to Instagram today (November 16, 2022):

“With a heavy heart, we share the news that our dear friend and guitar faculty member Mick Goodrick passed away today. Mick passed at home, surrounded by dear friends and fellow guitar faculty.

Mick’s contributions to our department community, Berklee, and the guitar community as a whole cannot be measured.
We miss him. And we will share information as we have it.

Please come by the office if you need or want to talk. We appreciate all of you.”

Another statement reads,

I just saw (on Facebook) that guitar guru Mick Goodrick has departed this plane. Though I knew he was ill, we all thought he had a lot more time. He mentored hundreds of players, some of the greatest on the planet, inc. yours truly. The universe rang a major #5 chord when he left.

For me, I think he was as much a therapist as a guitar teacher. Included here is a list of suggestions he made to me in 1977. Who else but he? Mick, the guitar world salutes your singular, sometimes peculiar, profound vision. And your dedication to being a true artist.

Mick Goodrick Cause of Death

The Statement from the GoFundMe page, it was revealed Mick battling a disease, the statement reads below,

Mick Goodrick inspired every student and guitarist to discover a more expansive expression of themselves through his exceptional passion for music and his pursuit of the unified field theory of harmony, life, and music.

He has influenced the sound of this generation by offering guidance to many developing guitarists who are trying to develop their style. Mick views his ability to play and teach as a gift that he can share with everyone and doing so only increases his sense of fulfillment.

The body, however, is not as kind. Recently identified as having Parkinson’s disease, Mick has been suffering from a degenerative neurological condition that has been gradually shutting down his body’s systems.

Since leaving Berklee two years ago, he has been gathering his numerous unpublished works and establishing a foundation to support musical education and funding. All of it has abruptly come to an end as the illness has turned aggressive. His mobility is now severely restricted, and he needs ongoing professional care, medical supplies, and medications that are not covered by his current insurance.

We are pleading with everyone he has touched to lend a hand to Mick in his hour of greatest need, as well as everyone whose lives have been improved by the doors he has opened and everyone whose silences have been made more significant by his presence.

Please pause to reflect on the deep gift of music and the man who has contributed so greatly through the years to enhancing and improving our lives. Please pause to appreciate life, sound, and the many ways in which we support one another through sharing.
I’m grateful.

According to the above statement, it was confirmed that Mick passed away after a Parkinson’s disease illness.

Who was Mick Goodrick?

American jazz guitarist Mick Goodrick, who passed away on November 16, 2022, spent the majority of his career working as a teacher. He collaborated with Gary Burton and Pat Metheny in the early 1970s.

Goodrick, an Elvis enthusiast, started learning the guitar in his early teens and began playing live shows a few years later. A Stan Kenton Band Camp is where he first developed an interest in jazz when he was sixteen.

From 1963 to 1967, he was a student at the Berklee School of Music. He spent some time touring with Gary Burton before beginning to teach at Berklee. He settled into a job that was mostly in education after moving back to Boston.

Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny, Julian Lage, John Scofield, Lage Lund, Mike Stern, Avner Strauss, and Rale Micic are just a few of the well-known students that Goodrick has taught.

Guitarists of different styles can find instructions in his debut book, The Advancing Guitarist. Additionally, he has written several works that explore the subtleties of harmonic voice leading.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Goodrick collaborated with Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, Jack DeJohnette in the late 1980s, and Steve Swallow in the late 1990s. In 2005 at the Monterey Jazz Festival and in 2008 at the Jazz Standard, he performed in a duo with Pat Metheny.

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