How Did Mark Potter Die? Former British Heavyweight Boxer Cause of Death Revealed

Mark Potter, a British heavyweight title aspirant, passes away. Let’s look at what happened and Mark Potter cause of death in more depth.

How Did Mark Potter Die?

Mark Potter, a former British heavyweight boxer and title contender, passed away following a sad fight with cancer. At the beginning of 2022, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer that had spread to his spine and given fewer than 18 months to live.

Following the news that Potter, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March of this year, had lost his battle with illness, tributes to the fighter from promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren were paid.

As a professional boxer known as “The Great White Shark,” Potter won 21 out of 26 contests. He also dabbled in MMA and kickboxing.

In a statement issued on Saturday night, iFLTV acknowledged Potter’s demise. “I have some depressing news to share with you tonight…

Mark “The Great White Shark” Potter, a well-known former British heavyweight, tragically lost his fight with stomach cancer “their claim was read. “At this terrible time, our thoughts and condolences are with Mark’s family and friends.”

Mark Potter Cause of Death

As already mentioned before Mark Potter cause of death was from stomach cancer complications.

Mark Potter’s cancer story: Explained

The 47-year-old was given a cancer diagnosis in November after experiencing numbness in his calves. But in November 2021, just as Mark was about to be in fighting form, he received a stage four stomach and bone cancer diagnosis.

In the UK, stomach cancer is not very frequent and can develop anywhere in the stomach. Additionally uncommon, there are about 550 new cases of bone cancer diagnosed each year.

Now that the family can only receive palliative care from the NHS, Mark’s wife Hannah, 45, and their loved ones are working to fund $22,000 in an effort to save his life.

Mark claimed that his way of life changed when he began to have numbness in his calves, which he initially attributed to a pinched nerve brought on by his busy way of life.

Mark contacted his doctor as the numbness persisted and he was informed that he might only have another 18 months to live.

Hannah remarked: “I had a total breakdown when they informed us of the diagnosis. “The numbness is a result of stomach tumors that have metastasized to his spine.

I assumed it might have been stage two when they told us since you always hope for the best. Despite the prognosis, Hannah said, the family is maintaining their optimism in the hope that they will be able to overcome the sickness.

Mark was a personal trainer before getting sick and claims to have been “nearly in fighting shape.” “I used to box. I had 26 professional matches, and I won 21 of them,” Mark remarked. I also practiced kickboxing and MMA combat. I could run six kilometers in 30 minutes when I was in practically fighting shape in November. “I was frequently deadlifting 200 kilograms for 10 reps and squatting 200 kilograms for 6 reps.”

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