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How Did Greg Bear Die? Sci-fi Author Cause of Death Revealed


Greg Bear, an American author, and illustrator best known for his science fiction works passed away on November 19, 2022, at the age of 71.

How Did Die?

American science fiction author, has passed away, according to his wife Astrid. The 71-year-old author had surgery earlier this month, and after a successful procedure, doctors found that clots that had been accumulating in his body ever since the operation he had in 2014 had caused a stroke.


He wasn’t rendered aware until November 18, when Astrid claimed she made the decision to end life support in accordance with his advance directive. He passed away two hours later.

“I will spare you daily updates until that time, but know that I’ll be there as much as I can, as he journeys to the undiscovered country,” Astrid said on November 18. “Thank you for all your love and support. They mean a lot, and I’ve shared your messages with him. Image is a sunset, a liminal space.”

How Did Greg Bear Die? Sci-fi Author Cause of Death Revealed

Greg Bear Cause of Death

According to official sources, Greg Bear died as a result of several strokes caused by clots that had been hidden in the incorrect lumen of the anterior artery to the brain since surgery in 2014.

The death statement announced by his family reads, “We are so sad to announce that Greg passed away on November 18, of complications following heart surgery. He is survived by his wife, Astrid, and daughters Chloe and Alexandra.”

After being on life support for two days and not expected to recover, his life support was turned off per his progressive directive. Bear’s wife recently revealed that he had been experiencing a number of health issues, indicating that he had just experienced a stroke and had lost consciousness while being treated in the hospital.

Astrid Bear acknowledged that her husband’s care team thought it was doubtful that he would regain consciousness and that, even if he did, it would probably take a lot of medical attention.

Who is Greg Bear?

Greg Bear is a well-known author of hard science fiction. At the age of fifteen, he sold his first short tale to Robert Lowndes’s Famous Science Fiction. He worked as a writer full-time and resides in Washington State with his family. Astrid Anderson Bear is his wife. Erik and Alexandra are their two children.

Greg Bear, who was born in 1951 in San Diego, California, is most known for his work on the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Halo franchises as well as his role as one of the five co-founders of San Diego Comic-Con. Greg Bear was born in the city of San Diego, California.

Bear studied at San Diego State University from 1968 to 1973, earning a Bachelor of Arts. He worked as Elizabeth Chater’s teaching assistant at the university during her science fiction writing course and afterward became friends with her.

Greg Bear Career

Bear is frequently categorized as a hard science fiction author due to the depth of scientific precision in his writing. Early in his career, he also had art published, including covers for Galaxy and F&SF and graphics for an early edition of the Star Trek Concordance. In 1967, he sold “Destroyers,” his debut short story, to Famous Science Fiction.

Famous works by Bear include the 30+ novels Blood Music (1985), The Forge of God (1987), and Moving Mars (1993). In the course of his writing career, he produced the Star Wars novel Rogue Planet, which takes place between the events of Episodes 1 and 2, the Star Trek tie-in Corona, and the Halo-related Forerunner Saga trilogy. Bear’s last book is Unfinished Land, 2021.

The man’s work in literary fiction wasn’t his sole line of work, as his interest in and understanding of science fiction led to him serving in roles that made use of his skills. His debut book, Hegira, was released in 1979.

Early on, he also published artwork, one of which was included in an early edition of the Star Trek Concordance reference book. This included the cover for his 1988 reprint of his novel Psychlone. Together with Shel Dorf, Ken Kreuger, Mike Towry, Richard Alf, Barry Alfonso, Bob Sourk, and Ron Graf, Bear helped co-found San Diego Comic-Con in 1970.

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