How Did Daniel Lucas Die? Jeffree Star’s Friend Cause of Death Explained

passed away from stage 4 cancer, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics expresses its condolences.

What Happened to Daniel Lucas Oxford?

To express his sorrow over his friend's passing, American YouTuber Jeffree Star took to social media today, Sunday, November 27, 2022. The statement reads,

I can't believe my best friend is gone Daniel and I shared almost 20 years of an amazing friendship. Last night he sadly passed away and lost his battle with stage 4 cancer. I'll never forget the first day we met, I had no idea at the time that it was such a blessing that he was put into my life.

Daniel and I bonded instantly and I can only count a few people on my right hand who I trust my life with, my heart, my secrets, and my insecurities.. and he never judged me once.

It's truly hard to fathom that this day is here, but I've never seen someone fight harder to LIVE. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he never let it stop him, and is the strongest person I think I've ever met.

I am so grateful and blessed to have traveled the world with him, performed on stage together in front of thousands of people, explore almost every state in America, and the whole time throughout my tumultuous career, he never switched up on me, and always had my back. He was fearless, ALWAYS himself, and was tough as nails.

Please send all of the positive energy and prayers you can to his family, they have truly suffered such a huge loss, losing someone so special. The pain of his passing is so vast, I'm truly heartbroken.

RIP Daniel Lucas Oxford

Daniel Lucas Cause of Death

Daniel is additionally extremely open about his Cancer venture on the online media stage. Daniel is battling stage 3 conal malignant growth for almost 3 years now.

As already mentioned above Lucas passed away after a prolonged illness from stage 4 cancer. He is the strongest guy people have ever considered meeting, and even after receiving a cancer diagnosis, he never let it stop him.

Read the painful story of Daniel Lucas below:

As most of you know, back in September I went to the ER and was in the hospital for 7 days for Diverticulitis (An inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches in the digestive tract…. I had over a dozen pouches). They ended up draining the pouches and I thought I was in the clear. Come December 22nd I went back to the ER for sharp pains and on the 23rd they did surgery to remove my inflamed appendix but since my whole lower abdomen area was extremely inflamed and swollen they had to do a full open surgery instead of just a Laparoscopic surgery.

While recovering I had a drain tube in that when I got home I had to clean twice a day. I was on 3 different antibiotics, 2 painkillers, an antacid & one other prescription. The recovery was pretty rough until around last week when I got the stitches and tube taken out. Well come yesterday (1/19) the place where my tube was coming out of me, was very swollen & looked infected, I was having my stomach aches again and I started bleeding when I would urinate.

So I came to the ER and after running tests, they decided to keep me for a while. They're running tons of tests on me trying to figure out exactly what's going on but my GI doctor told me that all signs are pointing to and he thinks it's Crohn's Disease. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared. I'm scared about how my life is going to change and how I need to MAKE the changes so I can live a healthy life. Why I'm making this because, my disability for work isn't working with me that well, they only paid me for 2 weeks when I've been out of work since Dec 22nd.

I'm trying to figure all that out (of course they're closed on weekends) but I'm nervous I won't have money for rent and my other bills coming up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, anything you have will help, all of this will be going to my home bills and anything left over is going towards the outrageous medical bills I'm getting from all of this. I appreciate this so much. Much love daniel Lucas Oxford

Who Was Daniel Lucas?

The American pop star Lucas is based there. He gained notoriety for serving as Britney Spears' former merchandise associate. In California, he was born with the legal name Daniel Oxford.

Daniel is also rather tall, standing at a height of 6 feet 2 inches. Jeffry Star is not Daniel's boyfriend, no. In actuality, Jeffry has been dating Andre Marhold since 2020. Ballplayer Jeffree's sweetheart is.

He is a young aspiring model, actor, & musician. He really wants his face to be out there more and would love to be a part of some amazing art. Everything is the art and I'm down for everything 🙂

Daniel was regarded by his peers as a useful and reliable friend at all times. Despite the obstacles he had to face, he always maintained a good attitude and gave off the appearance of having a very beautiful soul. Along with that, he was a great fighter.

Both Jeffree and Daniel were at the pinnacle of their professions at the time Beauty Killer was published. The funeral plans and an obituary for Daniel Lucas Oxford will be announced by the family.

Daniel and Jeffry's Friendship

Additionally, Daniel and Jeffry make great friends. Furthermore, we anticipate Daniel still hasn't found the love of his life. On the whole, Daniel Lucas' assets are expected to be substantial. Nevertheless, strangely, the details have not yet been revealed if we are to be precise about the precise amount of his total assets.

Whatever the case, Lucas has undoubtedly maintained a charming lifestyle outside of his lucrative work. On the sixteenth of April 2021, Daniel Lucas got into a serious mishap outside Casper, Wyoming. Jeffry Star broke the report from his Twitter that they met an auto crash and the vehicle flipped multiple times after hitting a piece of dark ice.

Jeffry through his tweets from the emergency clinic has been giving well-being refreshes about him and Daniel. He asserts that he has a few vertebrae wounds and his spine is broken. While Daniel has a few interior wounds and has been confronting inconveniences since he is a colon malignancy contender.

Mr. Lucas is accessible on Instagram as @daniellucasox. He joined the stage in 2012 and has now obtained 23k supporters for him. The vast majority of his posts incorporate just him presenting before the camera.

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