Heartbroken Lady Ends Her Relationship Of 3 Years After She Found This Chat On Her Boyfriend’s Phone (PHOTOS)

A young Nigerian lady has shared a sad story about how her relationship of three years crashed.

Identified with the handle, @darasimicoal, the lady revealed that she actually found out that her boyfriend whom she has been dating for 3 years, was not into her at all. She made the discovery when she checked his phone.

She revealed that when she check his phone, she caught him telling another lady that he was just passing time with her even though they’ve been together for three long years.

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The heartbroken lady immediately end the relationship.

Below is how she told the story:

She wrote: “Just saw a chat on my bf’s phone telling a girl he’s just passing time with me meanwhile we’ve been dating for 3yrs ”

She wrote in another tweet: “I’m single now, I’m done with him”
When a twitter user asked her why she checked her boyfriend’s phone in the first place, she replied that if she had not done that, she would have continued fooling herself thinking she was in a relationship when she was actually very single.

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