#HEADIES2018 Award: The thirty Billion gang By Uthman Olamilekan

I am not much of a social guy as I don’t really have much time to follow music trends, New release, social updates and others, but I don’t always want to miss the Annual Headies Award on hip TV.

I almost missed it this year but thanks to a brother of mine who I called and he asked me to come.
Even though I am not a social fan, I love olamide, well maybe because I am from the street of agege, I don’t know but he has been my number one artist in Nigeria and the world at large.

But something spectacular happened this morning when I was watching this year edition of Headies, Olamide was nominated for 4 categories and he didn’t win any, I was not happy even the street hip hop award I can bet my life for was won by small doctor’s penalty song, I knew it will be tough for olamide to win other categories.

Davido, Omo Baba Olowo as he is fondly called stole the show and won my heart I fell in love with him, if not for my deep love for olamide I would have broken up with him this night. Infact Davido was the most celebrated artist this year on Headies, he was infact the Headies itself.

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One thing Davido did that won my heart was humility, when he won the award for the song of the year “FIA” which was presented by popular artist RMD he almost prostrated before the man and he collects the award, he won almost all the categories he was nominated for. One thing that continues to happen is that the moment he wins any award he doesn’t go along alone to the stage to receive the award unlike the likes of Omawunmi, and even simi who won three Awards didn’t even have up-to 5 people following her to the stage, but Davido keeps walking down to the stage with his 30 billion gang “The HKN gang” they Flood the stage, when he collected his award for the song of the year, the lady accompanying RMD to present the award moved to the side before he even came to the stage as she knows they will flood the stage.

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One thing that melted my heart was his humility and humanitarian mind, When his artist mayokun won the award as the next rated he couldn’t give his speech as it was as if Davido was the winner he was so happy that mayokun forgot to give a speech, later when Davido won an award for the song of the year he asked mayokun to give the speech, mayokun said thanks to God all mighty and this guy beside me, he was pointing to Davido that shows their closeness and Davido bringing himself down and not seeing himself as a boss.

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On a final note he said something when he won the artist of the year awards which has In the category Simi, Wizkid, Tiwa savage and Olamide , he said ”This people behind me (Referring to the 30Billion gang) are here because I have helped them, I met mayokun on twitter, let me tell youu secret and what I believed him, WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS, You artist una get money help people “

“We rise by lifting others” even though I have heard it before but coming from an artist like Davido is awesome and triggers a new meaning to me.

If you are opportuned to meet Davido, please do call him comrade Davido and don’t forget to also rise by lifting others.

Omo Bagbansoro Uthman Olamilekan

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