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He Should Face The Law – Reactions As Man Flogging His Younger Sister For Voting APC (Video)

A video which has sparked outrage on social media captures a man using a cane on his younger sister over her political choice in Nigeria’s presidential election.

The girl reportedly voted for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Candidate, Bola Tinubu and it angered her brother who is a supporter of the Labour Party’s Peter Obi.

He learnt that she voted for and decided to whip her for going against the family’ preferred candidate.

In the video shared by NAIJAEVERYTHING on Instagram, he asked her to lie down on the centre table and used a cane to flog her while berating her for the vote she cast.

.com is unable to post the video due to the display of cruelty.

Nigerians condenmed the man’s action and she did not commit a crime by voting her choice, others said he should be arrested for his barbaric action.

bossman_burner; What makes him different from the bad people?

joys_bagline; Everybody this is bad this is not right yen yen yen, do you know if his the bread winner of the house and it wasn’t easy for him in apc regime

bossman_burner; And this makes sense to anyone?

sir_personal; Please that man must be found, arrested and face the law for this crime. The young lady has the right to vote for whoever. It not even funny. How did he know she voted APC

gravity_010; Now you people won’t condemn this act abi wetin d guy do dey ok

miye__; This is nonsense, nobody should be treated like this for voting their preferred candidate


officialfantasyboy; We don’t want all this silly videos. It’s not funny, there’s no reason for videos like this. Don’t distract our timeline with irrelevant content, what are we supposed to do with this information? Laugh? Cry?. Emotions are high, but content like this doesn’t do the job to help the situation of the country.

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