Harry Rosen Cause of Death: Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth

Harry Rosen stands as a prominent figure in the world of Canadian luxury men’s fashion.

Renowned as the founder and executive chairman of Harry Rosen Inc., his journey from a teenage employee at a men’s haberdashery to the helm of Canada’s largest upscale menswear retailer is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and keen understanding of the clothing industry.

As a teenager, Rosen gained invaluable insights into clothing composition and men’s shopping habits while working at a men’s haberdashery shop. Despite dropping out of high school, his passion for men’s fashion and determination led him to borrow $500 and open his own men’s clothing store.

Harry Rosen Cause of Death

He is widely known to have died on December 24, 2024, at the advanced age of 92, however, the actual cause of his death was not given. From his age, it can be inferred that he died of natural causes.

In collaboration with a family friend and connections in the cloth manufacturing business, Rosen, alongside his brother Lou, established Harry Rosen Inc. on February 4, 1954, in Cabbagetown, Toronto. The store’s initial location laid the foundation for what would become a celebrated name in the world of luxury menswear.

In 1961, the store made a strategic move to Toronto’s downtown core on Richmond Street. This shift marked a pivotal moment for Harry Rosen as he joined forces with advertising executive Stann Burkhoff. The duo initiated the successful ‘Ask Harry’ campaign, featuring advertisements in Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. The campaign’s triumph catapulted Harry Rosen Inc. to national recognition, attracting customers from all corners of the country.

In recognition of his contributions to the fashion industry, Harry Rosen was honored with a Fashion Visionary Award by Fashion Group International in 2016. Throughout his career, Rosen became a familiar face in store advertisements, often featuring in innovative campaigns alongside The Globe and Mail. Notable instances include advertisements where he engaged with mannequins and creatively responded to errors, showcasing his charismatic and resilient approach to business.

Beyond his accomplishments in the fashion world, Harry Rosen was actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. He dedicated his time and efforts to organizations such as the Canadian Paraplegic Association, Corporate Fund for Breast Cancer, Cancer Care Fund, Mount Sinai Friends for Life Campaign, Ryerson University Board of Governors, George Brown Board of Governors, the University of Western Ontario Board of Governors, and InDesign Exchange.

Rosen’s commitment to social causes extended to his role as Campaign Chairman for the Canadian Cancer Society, Metropolitan Toronto, serving a three-year term. In 2004, he contributed to the Mt. Sinai Board of Governors, Ryerson B.Com program in retailing advisory board, and the Cabinet of Major Individual Gifts for the United Way of Canada.

Notably, Rosen participated in promotional campaigns aimed at raising awareness about addiction and mental health issues in the Toronto area, emphasizing his dedication to community well-being.

In April 2010, he was honored at the “Hats Off To Harry” fundraising event for The University Health Network, underscoring his lasting impact on both the fashion industry and the broader community. Harry Rosen’s legacy extends far beyond the realm of luxury menswear, leaving an indelible mark as a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Harry Rosen Age

At the time of his death, he was 92 years old.

Harry Rosen Family

He was married to Evelyn Rosen and it is reported that he had four children and nine grandchildren.

Harry Rosen Net Worth

His estimated net worth at the time of his death is around $5 million.

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