Guys Point Of View On What They Find Attractive In Women (For Ladies)

Ever wondered what guys really like about women?. A problem a number of women have is that they spend a lot of time making themselves look good for a guy – only to find that it hasn’t had the desired effect. Why not? It’s probably because they’re focusing on the wrong things.

Guys are really particular, and what they find attractive in women isn’t perhaps always what we thought they did. The thing is, though – and contrary to what women think – guys are really simple creatures. They have simple wants and needs, and generally want the simple life. And what they like about women is simple enough, too. It’s just that women all too often misunderstand them, and thus focus on giving them the wrong things. As a consequence, the guy is put off.

An old saying is that if “his stomach is full and his balls are empty,” a man will be happy, However, it’s not necessarily true. Let’s take a look at a guys point of view on what they find attractive in women.

A Motherly, Nurturing Side

No, guys don’t always want you to replace their mother and mother them with warm meals, hot baths and so on (although some do). However, they do love your warm and nurturing side.

In other words, guys like it when women are women. Sure, guys are here to valiantly protect you like your very own Prince Charming. And they will do that. But – although they won’t admit it to their buddies – they love it when you project love, warmth and tenderness and look after them, too.

They love hugs and cuddles. They love your soup when they’re sick. They love affection! Guys generally aren’t looking for women who are fierce all the time – they want you to have a softer, feminine side.


Naturally, a man wants a woman to need him. They want you to want them, to depend on them for love, affection and security. They want you to do stuff with them, too.

But men don’t like it so much when a woman is too clingy and has no life of her own outside the relationship. They prefer you to have an independent streak. They want you to have your own passions and dreams and ambitions, and they want you to be able to get up and do stuff without their assistance all the time. An independent woman is what guys find attractive.


Guys tend to be very passionate people who always seem to have something going on in their lives. They’re passionate about their careers, their sports, their hobbies. And they need you to have passions, too. Guys find a woman much more attractive when she has something that motivates her in life besides earning enough money to pay the rent and watching Netflix each night. They love women who have goals, and who can talk for hours about the things they love.

Your Openness

This is a strange one because, while guys find YOUR openness attractive, they’re not always so open about stuff themselves. For example, guys like to hear about your day. They like to listen to your victories and defeats, and they want you to get in touch with your feelings. It’s super attractive to them. At the same time, they don’t always get in touch with their own.

However, there are limits. Guys like you to open up to them – but you need to be like a faucet that you know when to switch off when the bath is getting too full of water. In other words, open up too much all the time, and they’ll find that a major turn-off. They want you to trust them with your feelings, but just don’t go too far.

Your Willingness To Laugh At Their Jokes

We’re not sure at what point in evolution men became the funny ones, while women were the ones who laughed at mens jokes. But that seems to the case these days. Men are “supposed” to be funny. Indeed, women often say that if a guy can make them laugh, they’ve got a good chance with them. And guys LOVE being funny. They see it as a competition between each other to decide who’s the funniest. And they know that if they can make you laugh, they’ve got a chance with you. If you don’t laugh at their jokes, then? It’s a major turn-off for them. They’ll think you’re not interested. They need
someone who’s going to be rolling all over the floor with laughter.


Nobody likes a mean person, and guys especially don’t like a meanie. They watch how you treat other people. If you shower others with kindness, and have well-meaning, warm and generous soul, they’ll find it super attractive. It’s very womanly to be kind to others – and guys love it!


What guys find attractive? Honesty. Guys don’t like a liar. They don’t even like it when you tell them a small, itsy-bitsy white lie. They want you to be honest with them. Hey, they’re man enough to take it. Guys need women they can trust. They need to be able to trust you with their secrets, their vulnerabilities – and, yes, with their credit card from time to time. If you show them that you’re honest and trustworthy, they’ll find that unbelievably attractive.

You Get Along With His Friends

A mans squad is very important to him. There have probably been instances in the past when a man has given up a relationship because a girl didn’t get along with his friends. When you’re cool with his buddies, it shows a man that you’ve got great social skills. It also shows him that you’re friendly, open, tolerant, flexible and are willing to get along with everyone. You don’t have to love all his friends. But if you can get along with them, it’ll make you cool in his eyes.

Do you have other thoughts on what guys find attractive?

Stay happy!

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