Get to Know Jon Singleton: Biography, Wife, Siblings, Net Worth & more

In Major League Baseball (MLB), Jon Lee Singleton isn’t merely a first baseman; he’s a player with a story. Meet Jon, the American baseball player born on September 18, 1991.


Name:Jonathan Lee Singleton
Date of Birth:18 September 1991
Wife:Linzy Singleton
Occupation:Baseball first baseman
Net Worth:$40 million

Who is Jon Singleton?

Jonathan Lee Singleton, born on September 18, 1991, in Harbor City, California, has made his name in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB) as a first baseman. Currently donning the No. 28 jersey for the Houston Astros, Singleton’s career has been a roller coaster of successes and setbacks.

Early Life and Phillies Era

Singleton’s baseball path began at Millikan High School in Long Beach, California. He committed to play at California State University, Long Beach, before being selected by the Philadelphia Phillies in the eighth round of the 2009 MLB Draft. Despite some challenges, including a positive test for marijuana, Singleton exhibited his talent with the Phillies’ minor league affiliates.

Houston Astros Era: Rise and Struggles

In a significant trade in 2011, Singleton, along with others, was traded to the Houston Astros in exchange for Hunter Pence. Following his suspension for a failed drug test in 2013, Singleton bounced back with a groundbreaking 5-year, $10 million contract—the first of its kind for a player with no major league experience.

Singleton’s major league debut on June 3, 2014, marked a promising start, with a memorable home run against the Los Angeles Angels. However, struggles followed, leading to his relegation to the minor leagues in 2015. Despite setbacks, he recorded notable achievements, including a record-setting 10-RBI game in the minor leagues.

Challenges and Releases

The following years brought more challenges, including a suspension for substance abuse in 2018. The Astros released Singleton during the final year of his contract in May 2018. Undeterred, he sought opportunities in the Mexican League, signing with the Diablos Rojos del México in 2020.

Milwaukee Brewers Stint

In 2021, Singleton signed a minor league contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, impressing with a strong performance in the Triple-A Nashville Sounds. His career with the Brewers, however, faced ups and downs, including being designated for assignment in 2023.

Return to Houston Astros

June 24, 2023, marked Singleton’s return to the Houston Astros, signing a minor league contract and impressing at Triple-A Sugar

Land Space Cowboys. His comeback game against the Baltimore Orioles showcased his resilience, drawing a walk and contributing to a grand slam.

Career Highlights and Future Prospects

His return to the Astros in 2023, marked by a memorable multi-home run game, indicates that his journey in baseball is far from over.

What is Jon Singleton’s age, height, and weight?

Jon is 32 years old, having been born in 1991. He is 1.88m tall and weighs 104kg.

What is Jon Singleton’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Jon Singleton is an American, and his ethnicity is African American, born in Harbor City, California.

What is Jon Singleton’s profession?

Jon Singleton is a professional baseball player. He plays as a first baseman has had a career in Major League Baseball (MLB), and is currently affiliated with the Houston Astros.

What teams did Jon Singleton play for?

Jon Singleton has played for several teams during his professional baseball career.

  1. Houston Astros (2014–2015): Singleton made his MLB debut with the Houston Astros on June 3, 2014, and played with the team until 2015.
  2. Milwaukee Brewers (2023): Singleton briefly played for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2023.
  3. Houston Astros (2023–present): Singleton returned to the Houston Astros in 2023 and is currently affiliated with the team.

What position does Jon Singleton play?

Jon Singleton plays as a first baseman in baseball.

Jon Singleton’s Parents

Herb Singleton, Jonathan’s father, served as a junior quarterback for the University of Oregon and briefly tried out for the Seattle Seahawks in 1976, although he did not secure a spot on the roster. However, there are no records of her mother.

Jon Singleton Siblings

Does Jon Singleton have siblings? There are no definite details that suggest Jon has siblings.

Jon Singleton Wife

Who is Jon Singleton married to? Jon is married to Linzy Singleton.

Jon Singleton Children

Does Jon Singleton have children? Jon has two kids.

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