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Eugene Mulvihill as his birth name suggests was an American businessman and developer who owned Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Golf Resort in New Jersey. He grew up in West Orange. Eugene died on October 27, 2012.

Gene Mulvihill Age

Gene Mulvihill started his journey from scratch when he did not have money, he was out of pocket. From a young age, he was clever and smart, he is an investor, who has invested his money in various industries in the past he has also worked in US Marine Corps.

His actual birthdate is not known so his precise age and anything related to it is not known. Due to the fact that his birthday isn’t known, it makes it a little bit complicated to know or discover his sun sign.

Gene Mulvihill Height

Gene Mulvihill height is not known. This is due to the inability and availability of his height-related information. He is an American entrepreneur by profession. Apart from this, he was also one of the most successful developers who owned Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Golf Resort in New Jersey.

Gene Mulvihill Career

Mulvihill was a developer and businessman who owned Mountain Creek and Crystal Spring Golf Resort in New Jersey. He graduated from Lehigh University and after school served in the U.S Marine Corps. He rose to the ranks of Captain whiles with the Marine Corps.

He is known to have invested in areas like cellular broadcast, cancer drugs, robotics, and real estate development. Gene started with little money then. He came to Vernon in 1972 and was almost down with no money. One of his companies, Vernon Valley Ski Area went bankrupt. However, he was ready to take risks. So he started with an amusement park. He installed an alpine slide down a steep Ski trail, water slides, and a go-kart track. He later renamed it, Action Park.

Action Park was opened on 4th of July 1978 and Eugene came up with two opening-day promotions: a tobacco spitting contest and a Dolly Parton look-alike competition. He also added additional features like restaurants, spas, and shopping outlets. Action Park was a success however, there were some setbacks. There were at least over 12,000 visitors during the weekend but after two people died, the company was stalled from further progress. A state investigation led to a 110-page indictment against the companies that operated at the park. Executive boards and Eugene himself were not spared. Mulvihill pleaded guilty to five insurance fraud-related charges. Finally, the park was sold to Canada-based Intrawest, which now operates as Mountain Creek Waterpark.

Gene Mulvihill Wife and Children

Gene Mulvihill got married and lived happily to his wife Gail and he has 6 children. He is blessed with 16 grandchildren and even though he is no more, the many will continue to extend and expand beyond the limit.

Gene Mulvihill Children

Gene is a person who was blessed with children and grandchildren. His family will continue to extend despite him being dead. He will forever be missed and remembered by his family and loved ones. He was blessed with 6 children and he had them all with his wife Gail. They are now having 16 grandchildren and indeed, the family is expanding and growing bigger.

Gene Mulvihill Cause of Death

Mulvihill died on 27th October 2012. He was 78 years old when he died. Gene Mulvihill’s death news hit people’s homes, he was one of the successful stars, who has come into the headline. Since the start he was good at selecting stocks, Gene has also established a decent share of his fortune through Wall Street investment. Actually, his cause of death is still not known.

Gene Mulvihill

Mulvihill lived a good life. However, after his company was shut down as a result of deaths and injuries, he had to sell it. His precise is not known.



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