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Gartic Phone Online: How To Play, Discord, Ideas With Random

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Online Essentials: Master the Art of Playing: is a trendy Online Telephone Game that can be played on its website The Game has generated a massive amount of players and the search for the game is considered a breakout on google’s own tool, Google Trends.

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About Gartic Phone Online

According to Duplichecker, Gartic Phone’s online Telephone game has been around for 411 days which approximates a year and 46 days as of the Publish Date of this article. The game started gaining search visits and participation in October 2020 and then proceeded to have its highest search interest in March 2021.

The game is now famous and even popular YouTubers like Sykkuno and Moresidemen have participated in the game.

Gartic Phone game allows you to play as Anonymous (Generates a random Nickname for you that starts with “CoolNickname” followed by a randomly generated number) or as an Authenticated Player where you have to sign in Using Discord or Twitch.

The game can be played by anyone anywhere in the world. The website has a translator at the top left corner for players with different languages. Below is the Snapshot of the Languages in which the game can be played.


The game can be played by a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 30 players. When you click on start to begin a game, a box is prompted. This box allows you to select the number of players and also to select a game mode.

For the game mode, you can either choose from a preset game mode or make a custom setting. The preset game mode consists of 12 Presets you can choose from. These Presets are :


This is described as the basis of it all, where you write and draw alternately until you reach the last turn.

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Described as where you keep yourself focused. Here, you try to replicate the drawings while the clock gets faster.


Here, all the actions have been kept a mystery. Drawings and sentences are hidden during the game.


In this preset game mode, animations are created in a collaborative mode.



In this game mode, you play with just one sentence. You ask questions and have fun with others’ drawings.


This mode allows you to complete the sketch. You start with basic lines and see the other players’ interpretations.


In this mode, you try your best. You score a hit every time you keep the meaning of sentences and drawings.


The clock is your enemy in this game mode. You try to finish all your actions before the time runs out.


Here, you start writing and drawing until the end. Then you finally describe the last drawing.


This is a faster mode with fewer turns. Played with 15 or more players.



This involves animation with a fixed context. You create a fixed background for your animations.


This mode allows you to make your animations in five frames, you can decide to play alone or with your friends.

The solo game mode ends the list of the 12 preset modes you can choose to play.

The Custom Settings Game Mode

The custom settings game mode allows you to customize a few settings to your liking. Settings such as Time, Task flow, Turns, Scoreboard, Secrecy, and Animation can be customized in the custom settings game mode.

Time Customization

The time customization allows you to choose the settings for your time from the options provided in a dropdown. The dropdown contains:


Fast, Normal, Slow, Regressive, Progressive, Dynamic, Infinite, Host’s Decision, Faster First turn, and Slower first turn.

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While these options are self-explanatory, the site only explains that the Dynamic option triggers the clock only when the majority presses “Done”.

Task Flow Customization

Here, you choose different task flows to vary your gameplay, there are 11 options you can select for the task flow. The dropdown for task flow contains:

“Writing, Drawing”, “Drawing, Writing”, “Only Drawings”, “Writing only at the beginning and the end”, “Writing only at the beginning”, “Writing only at the end”, “Single Sentence”, “Single Drawing”, “Single Drawing”, “Solo Drawing”, “Drawings with a Background”, “Drawings with a background, No preview”.

Turns Customization

In this setting customization, you choose how many turns the players will play to create an album. The dropdown for turns contains 9 options which are:


“Few”, “Most”, “All”, “200%”, “300%”, “Single Turn”, “5 Turns”, “10 Turns”, “20 Turns”.

Scoreboard Customization

Here, you decide if you want a scoreboard at the end of the game. You can either toggle this setting “ON” or “OFF”.

Secrecy Customization

In this setting, you decide whether the drawing and sentences will be hidden or not. This as well can be either toggled “ON” or “OFF”.

Animation Customization

You get to decide here if you want to play with animation frames in the match. This like the other two can either be toggled “ON” or “OFF”.

After You’ve made a choice of whether to go with the preset modes or to create a custom match, you can invite your friends to play with you via a link or start a solo match by clicking on “START”.

Gartic Phone Discord

Discord alongside Twitch is an essential platform to the game as Discord provides an easy way to talk over voice, video, and text. Having a Discord account is an essential factor in enjoying Gartic Telephone game especially if you want to play as an Authenticated User.


You sign in with your discord account and you can invite your friends to play with you. The Game itself has a Discord page which can be joined using this Link: Gartic Phone Discord.

How To Play Gartic Phone Online

To Play Gartic Phone game Online, you must have taken your time to understand each of the settings and game modes that have been explained above.

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Following the Proper Understanding of the Settings and Game Modes of Gartic Phone game, you decide to either play as an anonymous user or sign in using twitch or discord.

After You’ve selected how you want to play as you proceed to choose from either the game’s preset modes or create your own custom game mode by customizing the settings options as explained above.

You then need to either invite your friends to play with you or decide to play Solo after you’ve selected a game mode of your choice.

After all these settings have been taken care of, you can proceed to play Gartic Phone in 5 Easy Steps:


Step 1: Invite your friends to a Voice Call

The First Step is to invite the friends you want to play with to a voice call ( Using Discord or Zoom).

Step 2: Write a Sentence

This is the second step in playing Gartic Phone game, you and everyone else write a sentence.

Step 3: Draw a Sentence

The Third step in playing the game is for you and everyone else to try to draw a sentence.

Step 4: Describe Someone’s Drawing

This is the second to the last step in the game where each player tries to describe someone else’s drawing.

Step 5: See Results

This is the final step in the game and it is in this step that you see the results of each person’s drawing, description, and sentences.

Final Notes

Gartic Phone game is fun to play and allows for a nice way to interact with your friends online. We recommend that you play and have fun while playing!


We hope you found this article helpful and hope it assisted in making you understand the game more. Kindly share with your friends if you found this helpful.


For suggestions, addition and questions, kindly use the comment box below and we promise to grant it prompt attention.

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