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Gambling Man Loses Fiancee  To Bet In Agbale Ede, Want Legal Action

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Laughable and another version of seriocomic ordeal of a time you will say!!!

NAIJAPARY gathered that a man in area of Ede who surrendered his to – be wife to his betting partner for month after he lost a bet on which team would win an high-octane derby some months ago,said he is set to file up a case at a court at Oshogbo against his bet partner who had long – encamp his so called wife.

It was reported to our correspondent Reporter that the duo who are friends have fought tooth and nail, it was a burning issue at the Agbale side of Ede yesterday night, where the lady,one beautiful yetunde, who is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede, disclosed that “how on earth will my guy(soji) give me out on a betting basis, it shows he possessed no respect for me,moreover we are not married yet, I have been with his betting partner after the betting and we are into each other, am ready to live the rest of my life with him” adding that she can never go back to Soji (her Guy before betting) and uproariously said in public that she is no longer keen having any form of relationship with Soji who sold him out all in the name of betting .

Similarly, Soji the husband who had pick up a fight with his bet partner saying that the term of agreement to the betting is a month, subsequently demanding the return of his fiancee while saying that or else he will take up to legal action immediately.
Neighbours in Agbale area of Ede (Name of hostel withdrawn) yesterday night described the two friends as laughingstock, according to a lady who sought for anonymity disclosed to Reporter that “the girl is to be blame most” saying that it shows the level of her promiscuity while speaking on the discombobulating ambiance she said ” don’t know what the noise is all about,on the decision on case filing she added that Soji the husband should just forget about the case and stop elaborating the matter of air .

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Please whose fault?

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