Functions of NAFDAC and NDLEA

In this article, we will look into and compare two Nigerian organizations: NAFDAC and NDLEA. We’ll consider the functions of NAFDAC and NDLEA, their meanings, and theirmain duties.

Keep reading to understand the difference.

NAFDAC Meaning

NAFDAC – National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

This is a Nigerian agency which operates at a federal level and under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Health.

What is the meaning of NAFDAC? Its activities imply regulation and control of manufacturing, relations of import and export, also purchasing and usage of such goods as food, medicines, and also cosmetics, medical devices, and chemicals.

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Role of NAFDAC

The organisation was created to act as a specific check and control over possible counterfeit goods in accordance with Nigerian laws and regulations. The main and the most serious threat is illicit medicines. A very high number of Nigerians have died from using fake pharmaceuticals. As a result of this, some African countries refuse to import any medicines and drugs from Nigeria.

Functions of NAFDAC

Now, let’s figure out the main functions of this Nigerian agency.

  • Control the export and import of various medications, chemicals, cosmetics etc, including their sale and usage.
  • Testing of the aforementioned products and checking their compliance with Nigerian standards of quality.
  • Investigation and control of the raw materials used for the production of medications and cosmetics.
  • Working out regulations and guidelines for the production, sales, and moving of these goods within and beyond the borders of the country.
  • The process of registration of medical substances, chemicals, etc.
  • Maintenance of laboratories needed for the performance of functions of NAFDAC.
  • • Issuing of certificates, confirming the quality of goods in the country.
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Meaning of NDLEA

NDLEA – National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

Now we will tell you about the second, but not less important agency, NDLEA. So, what is the meaning of NDLEA? This is the Nigerian agency which also operates at a federal level. It was created for the purpose of elimination of different processes which encourage the growth, processing, manufacturing, and trafficking of hard drugs.

They often target airports and other points where people may cross the border. Also it aims to contain and put an end to drugs and money laundering organizations, in particular, their leaders.

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Functions of NDLEA

  • Eliminate cannabis planting and growing.
  • Eradication of illegal drugs trafficking and usage.
  • Suppression of demand for such goods;
  • Recovering of all the country losses which occurred as a result of illicit drugs production and trafficking processes.
  • Avoid drug abuse and eliminate such a habit in the Nigerian environment.
  • Arresting people and property which act as a way to aid the activities of such illegal organizations.

So, now you are aware of the functions and main duties of NAFDAC and NDLEA. As you may notice, their functions are rather different but at the same quite related in terms of uniting Nigerians and working towards improvement of Nigerian lives.

These two federal organizations fight against illegal activities which negatively affect the lives of the people and the country’s economy.

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