FPE Saga : Student Arranged Cadet To Beat Up Poor Student by Reporter G.song 

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I Open this manuscript with this notion “any act which violates the inalienable rights of man is essentially unjust and tyrannical” .

The attention of FPE PRESS has been drawn to the barbaric act of torment and molestation demonstrated by some sect of Cadet of Federal Polytechnic Ede to a Poor Student  of the School .  


 You must be aware that With power comes the abuse of power and if one can abuse ones power then the Power is too much because factually the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse however in Federal Polytechnic Ede  it seems the problem with  Cadet isn’t the abuse of power but instead it’s the power to abuse due to Centralization of power they enjoy within the School .
Recently, Victor who is a Student of Federal Polytechnic Ede has narrated how he was brutally beaten by the Nigerian Army Cadet in the School . While narrating, Victor who lives with a senior Colleague in the school explained that his roommate reported him to the young army officers (Cadet) on account  of  failure of executing room chores and discharging room and house duties .  His roommate arranged some group of cadet to brutally inflict him, Young victor was deceptively bunched into the rombay side Cadet base and given the beat of his life which nearly cost his life .  

  Having known that the 

Registry Division established to oversee matters of students’ well-being and discipline  is the Directorate of Student’s Affair, therefore Student Affair we know, Cadet we know not!!!  Will Cadet now administer the law ?  Certainly not!!!  This is very uncouth where the Cadet of Federal Polytechnic Ede now take laws into their very own hands, however whenever men takes the law into their very own hands then the loser is the law and when  the law loses freedom languishes  .
Some evil being in man’s Skin  who hid under the umbrella of Nigeria Army cadet in the School misuse and infringes the Power given them .
Punishment is justice for the unjust,this is unlawful and it is Violation of law on the part of the Cadet in the School, It is on this note that I want to Plead with the Directorate of Student’s Affair in the School to Play the Investigative role and bring to book this sect of Perpetrators that called themselves Cadet, take this case up  because Power is not reveal  by striking hard or often, but by striking true more so “when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”  as well, the Power which were exercised by the Nigerian Army Cadet in the School seems to be  much,this is a call for  decentralization of their Power within the School Premises which will Provide an additional Check against the abuse of Power in the School .

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