FPE PRESS Reporter G.song gathered that a lad is facing charges after he was caught with drugs at Federal Polytechnic Ede today,friday .
The Directorate of student’s affair reported that the lad was apprehended for possession of drugs and charms by the school security .
The Directorate of student’s affair in Federal Polytechnic Ede which is statutorily responsible for activities that relate to welfare of students, played a great role. In a serious interrogatory session by the Directorate of student’s affair with the arrestee,where he was placed on questioning by Dean of the directorate of student’s affair,Mr Isiaka Adelabu, the Sub Dean,Dr. Ulabor and Mr Awe of the student’s Affair, the perpetrator who identified himself not to be a student of Federal polytechnic Ede disclosed to the Division that “through he is an indigene of Ede, disclosing that he came all the way from Ife to Ede to deliver the deadly drugs to one Sodiq at Agbale,he said he sought for a faster route to Agbale side that was why he journeyed via the School campus adding that those charms in his bag are just to protect himself ”
You will recall before now that there have been incident of sales of drug in the School and that is why the ever vibrant Directorates of student’s Affair under the headship of Mr. Adelabu continued to frown at vices in the institution.

In another development,the directorate of student’s affair this afternoon handed over the criminal for further legal actions, similarly ,the supportive Directorates of student’s Affair have continued with exert effort, putting in place mechanism to apprehend others who are found in this barbaric act

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