FPE LECTURER’S EVALUATION TEST: A Welcome Development By Reporter G.song

Dr. John Adekolawole has placed down notable development since his emergence, of which one is the innovation of academician’s evaluation test in the institution.

“When teachers are up to no good, the nation bleeds”
The opportunity arose to ask thousands of students at Federal polytechnic Ede about their perception of the role behaviour of lecturers in the institution, this development was to be accomplished within a general and wide ranging Evaluation test developed for assessing lecturer performance in allied with course undertaken by the students of Federal polytechnic Ede in osun state in an effort to meet the agreed desideratum of the institution.

It must be acknowledged that in federal polytechnic Ede , the management has proven to be internet -wise, now adopting technology in classrooms , in order to beef -up the learning process , while helping students improve academically,the management laid down ground- breaking effort to improve education in the institution from the lecturer evaluation scheme to FPE SIMS ,having known that the factors affecting education and education technology in Nigeria are quite enormous , considering the fact that the level of technological advancement is still relatively low.

The Federal Polytechnic Ede Rector
Federal Polytechnic Ede Rector

The federal polytechnic Ede lecturer’s Evaluation test has a standard instrument for gathering data from students about their response to teaching and learning,besides rating, such comments provide further explanation such as on standards, quality, teacher preparation and personality, Undoubtedly,the results of the evaluations test are beneficial in understanding the areas of possible improvement for the lecturers of Federal polytechnic Ede, would help the institution identify the specific areas for improving the performance of the lecturers,with aimed purpose to identify the factors and predictors of lecturer performance among undergraduates in federal polytechnic ede, using multistage sampling.

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Experience proven that Stepwise hierarchical regression will be conducted and used to determine the predictors of overall lecturer performance among the students.

However,educators often have mixed feelings about having their students evaluate them. After all, it’s inevitable that some students might use the evaluation to “vent” on a more personal level,urge students of Federal polytechnic Ede to use this program judiciously as a ship to salvage education to development.

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