FEDERAL POLY EDE: Complete Steps To Apply, Clear, Request And Acquire The Institution Notifications Of Result

Here for all the graduat students of Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun state. In this article i will show u guys how u can clear your result in the institution without stress.

Did u know why I said without stress, the reason is that, I’ve already stress myself for you guys, by make myself to carryout the full procedure when I want to clear my result.

So for you not to stress again just make sure u follow all the procedure I will be list below and you will smile at last.


1. List of payment to make

• Pay Developments Fess Online – 10k
• Pay Alumni Fess at Bank – 1500
• Pay certificate fee if you wish 2k or 2500 online

2. You know that all online payment will be required to printing out the receipt, so take the receipt of development and certificate to bursary for payment confirmation.

3. Take 1500 alumni teller that u collect from Skye bank to student affair where they will change it to receipt for you.

4. There after u will take the receipt and confirmed development payment photocopy to the department.

5. They will give you a form which u will visits:

• Library
• Pavilion
• School male hostel
• Bursary
• Students affair for them to sign for you.


i. Student affair is last point for you to make the signing, because if you want to sign them before others, they will tell you to visit others, said they are the last signer and when visit the student affair, if you have your entrepreneurship certificate with you, come along with it they will ask of it at student affair office. In case you don’t have, just tell the woman or man you meet to please have mercy on you that you are so in eager to finish the registration today. I so believed that, they will help you by God grace to sign the documents for
you .

ii. Make 3 photocopy each for all, i mean all the confirmed payment receipt you acquire in order for you to avoid been stress.

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6. After the student affair make the last signing, you will be giving a slip (Very little slip).

7. Make photocopy if the slip, development fess and write up letter to the schools registrar in below format:


Your Address.
The Registrar
Federal Polytechnic,
Ede Osun State.

Dear Sir,


I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ with Matric Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from department of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ hereby using this medium to request for my notification of result.


Yours faithfully
Your name
Your signature

8. After the letter have been signed by the registrar, take it to the examination and record.

9. On get to the exam and record, a form will be giving to you to fill, the heading of the form is NOTIFICATION OF RESULT REQUEST FORM.

10. Fill the form right away in their office, where student are kept to sit.

11. After you fill up the form, return it to the woman who gave you. She with direct you to where you will submit it.

12. On submitted the form, you will be ask to wait for like 3 hours. Just wait there, because you will call anytime they have see your folder. (Don’t go anywhere I beg)

13. Your notification if result will be hand over to you. You know what, it done.

When you are coming.



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