Federal polytechnic Ede; The school unfolds a whole range of experiences. Schooling is an imperative part of the growing up process. Here, one learns about academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and much more, the list is endless. Most important of all, it is the sense of attachment, the pride of being a part of a particular institution known for knowledge skill and character (Federal polytechnic Ede).

School Anthem: Agreeably, Every school has its own distinctive Identity and every school wants to be known for its uniqueness of which anthem proclaim but alas, should we say we failed to value things that are desideratum and necessary for development and growth of our dear institution,then I ruminate a conundrum, perhaps the institution turn a back to having School anthem because music as a course have never been a course of study in Federal Polytechnic Ede ? a Rhetorical question though. No student or alumni can remember chanting the school anthem, It brisks the heart knowing a great and prestigious educational institution like Federal polytechnic ede has no anthem.

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“If the school management of federal polytechnic ede want to unite its students, help them understand the culture,norms,laws and values of the School (Federal polytechnic Ede) and ignite patriotism, what method should it choose? Logically,i propose choosing the “anthem approach” is another reliable method” one of the purpose of school anthem is to help unite students, help them understand the culture of Federal polytechnic Ede, and ignite patriotism among our dear students and alumni, make the students and alumni proud of our alma mater , unify, reminds of the school Heritage, you will quite agree that invigoration of school anthem is germane for a reputable institution like Federal Polytechnic Ede as it’s generally a patriotic musical composition that will evoke and eulogize the history,values and norms of the great Institution and pass across a sense of pride as the cantata of our anthem will clearly portray all we stand for and it is a vital aspect of learning for every students of federal polytechnic Ede ;as they meditate on these values and ideals daily as they sing the school anthem, the cantata echo hopes and aspirations of the school,the essence of the school anthem is to rouse a spirit of belonging and patriotism in the students and uplift their souls, Not only this, it enthuses them with pride for being a part of this great institution which makes them hold their heads high. It is an overwhelming feeling of loyalty to the great Federal polytechnic Ede where goals and vision of the great polytechnic Ede , its values and its motto will all etch in the lines of the school anthem.

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Hence, the school anthem is our identity, symbol and should be respected,as it’s of dignity to students of federal polytechnic ede because in the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being important without a sense of identity and it’s said that a drop of water loses its Identity when it joins the ocean,connotatively products are the drops while life after campus is the ocean, that is why It is therefore a welcome development having a school anthem, a need for school anthem is consequential, this, I unanimously plump up a proposal that great polytechnic Ede adopt a school anthem.

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