Faye Dunn Footballer: Former England Player Who Became ‘Accountant’ For Drug Gang Wails Jailed

Faye Dunn, 38, wailed “I can’t believe it” as she was jailed yesterday

A successful businesswoman and semi-professional footballer who worked as an accountant for a drug gang wailed “I can’t believe it” when she was jailed yesterday.

Faye Dunn, 38, once had a portfolio of companies across multiple sectors. But now a prison sentence of almost four years begins for the young mother.

The mother-of-two became embroiled in a multi-million dollar cannabis trafficking operation when her business ventures stalled due to the impact of the pandemic – although evidence pointed to her money laundering exploits as of December 2019.

Liverpool Crown Court was told her father Michael Dunn, 68, was also involved in handling and supplying drugs on his child’s behalf – and was operating “below the level” of his own daughter.

The court handed down a two-year sentence, suspended for two years, to Michael Dunn “as a measure of mercy.”

They worked with EncroChat – an encrypted communication platform often used by criminals.

News revealed she was “involved in the supply and production of cannabis” and was described as an “accountant for an organized crime company” that had also smuggled cash into Spain – with money hidden in her pants, on board a Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander.

On April 2, she sent a user named LedZeppelin an “image of what appeared to be a tick list or an accounting log” showing total income of £1,155,548 – plus additional funds generated in Spain.

The tally also documented expenses totaling £431,700 – including £100,000 on a house, £25,000 on cars, a £21,500 watch and designer clothes totaling £1,360.

The mother-of-two became involved in a multi-million dollar cannabis deal when her business ventures stalled due to the impact of the pandemic

Her father Michael Dunn (pictured), 68, was also involved in the operation, treating and delivering medicines on his child’s behalf

Dunn started out as a rising football star 20 years ago as a promising teenager playing for England in their youth.

After hanging up her boots, Dunn – a well-known figure in Huyton, Liverpool – founded the Onside Sports Academy.

Dunn’s Football Career

Aged 18, she helped her England team qualify for the semi-finals of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship.

She scored in two of the Lionesses’ group matches against Denmark and Switzerland during the tournament.

The ‘box-to-box midfielder’ played for Tranmere Rovers before joining Leeds United in 2003.

A documented appearance for the former came after she scored a hat-trick against Southampton in November 2000, although Dunn was sent off against Doncaster Belles in March 2002.

She was later interviewed by Leeds ahead of a game with her former side. She said of the forthcoming clash: “I’ve enjoyed my time at Tranmere and I always look out for their results, but I’m a Leeds player now and we’ll all be determined to try and get three points for Leeds United Ladies.”

The non-profit company supported young footballers who were fired from clubs while trying to make it professional and made sure they found gainful employment instead of going haywire.

This was one of several directorships she later held. Companies House lists interests in a law firm and a recruitment firm.

Their business empire also extended to a restaurant and a popular children’s play center. In Spain, she was also involved in a supplier of epoxy resin floors.

In early 2020, Dunn’s businesses faltered due to Covid-19, lockdowns and their aftermath.

Liverpool Crown Court heard this was what prompted Dunn to become involved in the underworld, despite evidence pointing to her money laundering exploits as of December 2019.

It operated under the name StiffNinja on the encrypted communication platform EncroChat, which was widely used by criminals to keep their deals secret until the network was hacked by authorities in 2020.

Nicola Daley, Prosecutor, said: “She played an operational role within the drug supply chain but appeared to have significant influence over others in the chain, facilitating meetings between criminal allies regarding the supply of controlled drugs and directing others to do so as well Tasks such as collecting and moving packages of drugs and cash.

“Significantly, she appears to have worked as an accountant for the organized crime company and, while traveling abroad, not only hid her EncroChat device but also cash to avoid detection by the authorities.”

Dunn, of Walpole Avenue in Whiston, was arrested at Manchester Airport on June 13 this year as part of Operation Venetic. She remained silent during the interview but later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cannabis and money laundering.

“Intelligent, resourceful, kind, loving, generous and sadly flawed,” Dunn wailed, saying “I can’t believe it” as she was led into the cells after three years and nine months

The fallen entrepreneur was in tears at various points during her hearing at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday Tuesday.

“Intelligent, resourceful, kind, loving, generous and sadly flawed,” Dunn wailed, saying “I can’t believe it” as she was led into the cells after three years and nine months.

In sentencing, Judge David Potter said: “First of all, it is necessary to acknowledge to you and others the harm caused by trafficking in cannabis. Cannabis can have profound, lasting effects on the brain.

“Recent events in this city show how innocent people can get caught up in the spiral of violence by organized crime groups. Quite simply, cannabis addiction destroys lives.

“You both willingly took part in this trade with the sole intention of making a significant financial gain. I accept that you are a woman of really good character – a highly intelligent, successful, motivated athlete, entrepreneur and mother of high-performing children.

“You came to this trade because your trades failed due to the coronavirus pandemic. You brought your considerable management skills to the drug trade.

“It is a tragedy to see a young woman face imprisonment after living a life of past and enduring accomplishments. You should have thought of your two young children when you became involved in serious organized crime.’

Father Michael Dunn, 68, was also involved in the operation, treating and delivering medicine on his child’s behalf.

Ms Daley added: “It is the prosecution’s case that Michael Dunn willingly performed the handling, transport and delivery of cannabis for his daughter Faye.

“He also met with other handles and arranged meetings to transfer money.”

In a message Faye Dunn sent to her father on March 28, 2020, she asked, “Do you think you can bring five trees of yours to me, mate, or too risky?”

He replied: “Not tonight, the streets are too quiet. I can do it tomorrow.’

On the same day, she told a user named VigilantSmith: “Will bring the trees and collect the dough but must be near Deeside, tell him.” If your mate from Wrexham can get the dough anywhere near where I live, I’ll give him the trees and snag the dough.”

Michael Dunn has 23 prior convictions for 39 felonies. In 1986 he was imprisoned in the Netherlands in connection with burglaries and later deported.

The pensioner was then sentenced to nine years in prison in Portugal in 2009 for importing drugs. This came after he was stopped in a van while transporting 2.5kg of cannabis to Spain.

His defense attorney, William England, told the court that he had early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and also suffered from cardiovascular and mobility problems. Mr England added: “He’s not a young man anymore, quite the opposite.

“The offenses are now almost three years old. This defendant has accepted his part in this conspiracy.

“He has played a supportive role and has obviously been paid a small amount for his troubles. He was in a desperate place financially.

The court handed down a two-year sentence, suspended for two years, to Michael Dunn “as a measure of mercy.”

Judge Potter added: “The court is dismayed that you have committed crimes again in your late 60s. You operated below your daughter’s level.

“They were willing to travel around during lockdown restrictions to handle delivery of kilos of cannabis for others. You are not in good health at all.

“Your sentence will be suspended on probation. I will remember the day I gave you that suspended sentence.” Ngnews 247

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